31 Jul 2010

Half way through the Summer [NYC]

Can’t believe the summer its almost over… Beach, pool parties, cruises, BBQ, roof top, etc. How about the city? here is some of the pictures of what summer has been so far, in the City that never sleeps… That’s the story so far. más fotos por favor! j.martinez

31 Jul 2010

Opel Kadett.. Time Attack Racer

Have you ever seen a Opel Kadett with more then 380HP ? Yes we do in The Netherlands. André is already 11 years busy with his Kadett to make it faster then anyone else. The result is then also a Kadett with 380HP , 480Nm with 1,5 Bar Boost. André

31 Jul 2010

Volkswagen Golf 6

This time i’ll bring you guys a Volkswagen Golf 6. Patrick (the owner) bought this Golf VI in the begin of 2009. As soon as he pickked-up his car he knew already that his car wouldn’t be original. On this moment he has airsuspension on it, AMG Wheels and a

Back Camera
30 Jul 2010

Thursday Night Ruckus

Hello 🙂 Im back, again… haha. So! After a couple months of busy work and traveling i finally get home and what do i do? i buy a new toy… im now a proud owner of a Honda Ruckus ^.^…. So after a week of tinkering with it, modding &

30 Jul 2010

MotoGP Weekend pt.1

I think I’m going to break this one down into 2 parts just cause what I’ve experienced as a motorcycle enthusiast probably will never happen in ever again in my lifetime. See I was hit up by Chris Hull from Alpinestars in a very discreet IM saying, you in? In

30 Jul 2010

Florida has HEAT!!!

As we wait for HF6 Miami’s pics to surface the net tomorrow night… here are some pics of Sal’s 1992 300ZX that started out as a bone stock Z32 a little over a year ago, was TT swapped with a few minor mods and makes about 370whp, and has had

30 Jul 2010

Bay Area Gs

As I sit here wishing I could be in NorCal tomorrow for the BBQ the Bay, I am looking through pics from Kevin Hahn’s Photography. Kevin shot two illest G35s from the Bay Area. The Midnight Purple Pearl is owned by Ricky Davis and is sitting on VS-XX of course (18×9.5 and

30 Jul 2010

S2K x Social Club

Ryan Norris who will be contributing to the site fairly soon shot this Kitted, Slammed and Flushed S2000 and contributed to our Flickr Social Group called Fatlace Social Club. Join it today and share your photos and possibly get featured on the site.

30 Jul 2010

NOAH Fine Art aka a gifted invdividual, get involved his projects Vinylmation Disney or one of many others…

NOAH FINE ART I’ve seen and you’ve probably seen NOAH‘s work around ranging from paintings hanging at Hart & Huntington in Las Vegas, the bottom of Rob Dyrdek’s pool on Rob & Big or even the pink S2000 in 2Fast 2Furious and/or his collaborations with Arturo Fuente Cigars or if

30 Jul 2010

BlackStar at Fox Theater in Oakland 8/31

For true hip-hop fans, Mos Def and Talib Kweli’s album Blackstar is a classic.  The group, along with original DJ Hi-Tek, is holding a concert at the Fox Theater in Oakland this Saturday.  Zion I and DJ Mr. E are opening for them, and tickets are available here: