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YES we’re doing Hellaflush 6 in Miami this July 31st in conjunction with REMIX and although we’re at maximum capacity we might have a spot for you. And for those that can’t make it to Miami… It’s a good time to announce we’re doing the same thing on the West Coast!

And since us folks stuck in the BAY can’t party at MIAMI, we’ve decided to host a BBQ and have our own Hellaflush 6. So on July 31st at Coyote Point in San Mateo, we’ll be hosting a BBQ and handing out stickers to everyone that brings a flushed out car. Our way of saying Konichiwa. So if you haven’t gone to one of our BBQ’s in the past, you’re in for a treat. So from 10am-3pm, find your spot, bring your BBQ and cook it up.

ALL CREWS, TEAMS, PHOTOGRAPHERS WELCOME. These BBQMEATS are usually pretty large so come with a smile.

Details for BBQtheBay Hellaflush6 West Coast Meat at Coyote Point:

1. Coyote Point’s parking fee is $5.

2. Please Arrive Early. We’ll be there at 8AM to reserve a BBQ Spot since its drop in only but please try to come early since this place is open to the public at 8AM. We wont be setting cars up but BACK YOUR CAR INTO YOUR SPOT.

3. Anyone that has registered to the event gets a HELLAFLUSH 6 STICKER FREE. Driver only. So if you registered your car, we’ll check you off and hand you a sticker. This also goes for Miami. If you haven’t registered your car, please register it today. Its only so we know who’s going and how many cars to expect. So far as of today, July 26th, there are less than 100 registered.

4. BRING YOUR RUCKUS! Motochamp Magazine from Japan will be shooting for the next issue!!



30 Responses to HF6, BBQ THE BAY!

  1. Chris

    Sounds like fun. Is there going to be a car show too?

  2. Harry

    Are there speedbumps going into the park?

  3. Jin

    Nice!!! I will be there.

  4. Some Guy

    Are you guys gonna be sellin the new illest crew neck out there?
    …….. cuz that’d be tight

  5. BuffetBoss

    Dammmm, Why did i get a job!! Keeping me from hella bbq’s and races…. ima see if i can make it..

  6. evilchargerfan (dennis)

    looks like im a designated driver for this …. lol

    sd to nor cal … whooooooooo!!!

  7. Michael

    Are you going to be selling fatlace merch? If so, how much will tees be?

  8. mike

    Any fatlace tees being sold? How much?

  9. Jsnsrfr714

    so stoked to go, but my car isnt running yet, mayb the next meet i’ll bring mine

  10. lbintab

    i tried to register a few times but didn’t get any kind of confirmation… sup with that?

    • Mark Fatlace

      NO confirmation but we got yours. Thanks. It’s just so we know how many cars are coming. Thanks again and see you there.

  11. Deibel

    Are you guys gonna be selling the HF6 stickers at the BBQ event ?

  12. Ray

    HF6 gonna be crackin’, gonna try and stop by the store on Thursday.

  13. Cornelius

    Do you need buy tickets?

  14. Andrew

    Will food be provided for the non registered cars that just show up?

    • Mark Fatlace

      Bring your own food but Im sure we’ll have some to share with everyone that goes. Beers are ok at the park. :)

  15. ant510

    I’m a freelance photographer, can I just roll through and grab some shots with a friend as well?

  16. Deibel

    Are there gonna be any vendors there ?

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