Event Coverage ~ Lexanifest ~ Anaheim Stadium

Stephanie & I checked out Lexanifest Saturday for a couple of hours. These are a mixture of her photos and mine.

Big Spike from Gator Customs brought out his customer’s newly finished Lincoln Navigator!

DUB Magazine had a car show within a car show! Their set up was huge!

Current DUB Magazine cover car!

Joey & Veronica holding it down for Techniques and DUB Magazine.

More cars in the DUB compound.

Louie from Southern Royalty and Simple Green.

Lots of color and chrome on display throughout the show!

FMX demo

HF9(2) copy
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Jae Bueno

Jae Bueno

I am a Los Angeles based photographer who regularly contributes to media publications like Lowrider & DUB Magazine. I chronicle my photography and interests on Fatlace and my web site

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  1. 20/08/2010 at 1:36 pm

    Nice pictures from Lexani Anaheim. Can’t you make the pics bigger? They look like big thumbnails on my monitor.