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Florida has HEAT!!!


As we wait for HF6 Miami’s pics to surface the net tomorrow night… here are some pics of Sal’s 1992 300ZX that started out as a bone stock Z32 a little over a year ago, was TT swapped with a few minor mods and makes about 370whp, and has had 4 sets of work wheels on in it since the beginning of this year. Sal drifts his Z32 very frequently and plans on making it a full track car soon, wheels are Work Bersaglios 18×10 +0 18×11 -13 on Powertrix SS coils. See Sal drift his Z all over West Palm Beach, FL., where he resides. Pics were taken by Sal, Thanks a lot homie!

32 Responses to Florida has HEAT!!!

  1. LocoMoco

    i miss my z32. =( ..

    • nismokid_5

      so that’s who bought your car…saw it on craigslist when it was on the vs-xx’s. So raw.

  2. Sleepy Brown

    That is the most BADASS Z32 by far imo

  3. MarcoSTEEZ

    THis is my really good friends car. I was just chillin with him tonight. The Bersagglios in the pictures are going to be gone soon. Too much frushness for his likes. he running 11.5 -13 in the back and he cant pull any fender any more. It rubs like a mother

  4. s15lizardman

    i love the car… its beautiful dont get me wrong but if i would change anything about it it would definately be the rims i hate those on it so much

  5. Mike

    Nice job Sal.

  6. screwloose45

    I’ve seen this car around Wellington. That’s my photo spot ha.

  7. Michael

    That is one of the most beautiful 300zx i have ever seen, what is the name of that bodykit?

  8. Ashemoney

    Where can I find that race queen sticker? I noticed the same sticker on another Florida car, a green s14.

  9. driftd0rk

    anyone notice his shift knob… what is that? lol

  10. TerryJ

    I am so proud to see a Z32 on this site especially one that looks so aggressive.I am an owner of a stock NA n’ this is such an inspiration for me. Oh! and doesn’t the headlights remind you of a Diablo!.

    • Bryan

      thats because they are. Lamborghini asked Nissan if they could use them, thats why theres a eyebrow on the top of the Diablo headlights because under it says Nissan

  11. Alexander

    I think the car would look a-lot better if the hood fitted properly, I hate that style.

  12. Jerm

    What exactly is the reason for the bride in the passenger side and a stock seat in the driver side

    • Joshua Brown

      He does it for the ladies

    • MarcoSTEEZ

      Its because Sal is fluffy and cant fit in it. Plus, he doesnt have a rail for it, and is soon going to sell it.

      • Metzger

        I tried to buy it off him when it was on the VS-XX’s and he decided not to sell! He thinking about letting it go again?

  13. Awesome..sucks he didnt make it to the HF event..

  14. +1 for the Z32!!!!! Awesome to see one on the site!

  15. +1 for the Work Bersaglio wheels!!

  16. Unfriendly Garage

    hell yesssss. z32 rolling hard

  17. Poked out Z

    Best looking Z32 ever! Someone hand me a towel!

  18. Austin

    I saw this car today at Miami Grand drift!

  19. Austin

    It was rolling on stock rims though..

  20. kyle

    what i really want to know is what years of these came with the hicus system or is just what model you got?

  21. Pelon Paisaflush

    Siikk ass 300
    go nissan or go home!!!


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