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G Sedan

Marcus Cooke’s photos are popping up everywhere online, but I figured it was time we took a look at his well fitted G35 sedan. He’s all about quality. You can see alot of attention to detail on this thing. The engine bay alone is really good. It’s not very common to see a Sedan with the fitment just right. www.marcuscookephotography.com

28 Responses to G Sedan

  1. metaltactics

    whats the body kit and more importantly the front bumper?

  2. Josh, thanks for the feature homie! Thanks to all who have contributed to my build. Thanks to FL/HF!

    @metaltactics –
    Front bumper is a “KuRookie” (styled after the Kuruma Z for the G Coupe)
    Side skirts are “NisRookie” (Nismo sides modified to be lower to line up with the front bumper)
    Rear bumper swapped from a 03/04 G Sedan & Nismo rear lip is molded onto the bumper
    Trunk is shaved and custom M3 style spoiler is molded

  3. Blain

    Front bumper is the KuRookie, sides are NisRookie and the rear is an 03 rear conversion with the Nismo rear Valence.

    Congrats Marcus, new stance is soo much better.

    Once my guy finishes editing my photos I’ll await approval :D

  4. Swede

    What tire size did put on those LMGT4s? I have the same wheels and was wondering what you had fit on them.

  5. @ Swede

    Wheel/Tire specs are:

    8.5 +0 – 225/35/19 Yokohama S-drive

    9.5 +10 – 235/35/19 Yokohama S-drive

  6. xose

    very nice shots, i can see the photographer on the cars glare.

  7. Carlos

    Props to the owner for not being a douche in respect to the specs on his beautiful sedan.
    Congrats on the feature!

  8. misfitrps13

    Dude one word for you. CLEAN
    Problably the best G-sedan I’ve seen.

    BTW: Noticed your headlights, are they factory? They seem a bit different.

  9. @ Carlos – Thanks man. LOL, yeah I’ve got no reason to keep my specs a secret. All of us in the G Sedan community share info to help each other out.

    @ misfitrps13 – Thanks for the compliment. My headlights are not stock.

    Details on my headlights:

    2nd Gen Sedan Projectors & Shrouds
    3″ STi-R clear lens swap
    LEDs installed around outside of shroud (white) and inside (amber)
    2.5″ clear lens installed over turn signal
    Custom painted silver to match my grill and wheels
    OEM ballasts

  10. Hot shi Marcus as always :D

  11. …sick n’ clean! ..hella dope!

  12. ArrowRacing

    What exhaust are you running?

    Very clean build. Nice work.

  13. @ArrowRacing – thanks man, I’m running a 350z HR Y-Pipe, stock midpipe and HKS rear section exhaust. Future plans to are to get HFCs and a full catback exhaust. Most catback exhausts sit lower than my current setup though and I don’t want to scrape the crap out of a pricey exhaust system…LOL.

  14. PAT DE

    Lovin the nismo wheels

  15. Metal Tactics

    thanks mate

  16. ArrowRacing

    Thanks man, so thats a HKS muffler? Any forced induction plans or just N/A?

  17. Front and rear bumper look great! Very nice G.

  18. @ArrowRacing – Yes the HKS is just a rear muffler, eventually I will get a full catback ehaust and swap out the stock cats for HFCs or Motordyne ART pipes.

    I do have plans to go FI. Will likely go with a Vortech Supercharger, but would love to go TT. :-) This won’t happen for at least a few yearshtough, the wifey has mandated that…LOL.

  19. Since Josh mentioned my bay in the writeup here is a pic for those interested in checking it out: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2765/4202109773_72eca04593_o.jpg

  20. David

    Anyone know his tire sizes? Thanks

  21. David

    Didn’t see them in the previous post. Thanks.

  22. @ David – tire sizes are 225/35/19, 235/35/19 Yokohama S-drives.

  23. ttrank

    Came out so clean Marcus.

  24. Congrats homie! Car’s looking soooo sick! Can’t wait til hellaflush my G as well.

  25. ^Ummmm….ok. I don’t think my ride was at blox…LOL.


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