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Just Days Away!

We’re just days away from 3 events. Hellaflush Miami, Hellaflush BBQtheBAY, and the redesigned website launch. Yeah, we know it hasnt been the same since we took down the old site but once the new site launches, itll be 10x fresh! So again, please be patient as we code away in the back room, making the new site well worth the wait.

For Miami Hellaflush 6 Info, please check this link for the latest and check your emails for all your confirmations.

Details for BBQtheBay Hellaflush6 West Coast Meat at Coyote Point.
1. Please Arrive Early. We’ll be there at 8am to reserve a BBQ Spot since its drop in only but please try to come early since this place is open to the public. We wont be setting cars up but BACK YOUR CAR INTO YOUR SPOT.

2. Anyone that has registered to the event gets a HELLAFLUSH 6 STICKER FREE. Driver only. So if you registered your car, we’ll check you off and hand you a sticker. This also goes for Miami. If you haven’t registered your car, please register it today. Its only so we know who’s going and how many cars to expect. So far as of today, July 26th, there are less than 100 registered.

3. For map information and to register to the BBQ, click here. You wont get lost and you’ll be happy to know its pretty much speed bump free.

4. BRING YOUR RUCKUS! Motochamp Magazine from Japan will be shooting for the next issue!!


8 Responses to Just Days Away!

  1. jhooks

    I’m super excited man!

  2. chris

    omfg i cant wait this is gunna be the highlight of my summer hahaha

  3. I know u can’t be in miam and the bay hellaflush at the same time but which one will u be attending Mark? Hope to see ya in Miami.

  4. BlazenTex

    Man, I wish there where more events like this in Texas. I missed project512 b/c the wheels I ordered came in the wrong offset. COME BACK, Please.
    P.S. sometimes when they say “it won’t fit” it means it won’t fit.

  5. Swede

    Gotta rep an event here in Seattle! Great scene up here!

  6. mark

    Ive got so much respect for HF. Bring Hella Flush up to Vancouver Canada some day! We’ve got some dope cars just iching for some love.

  7. Sonny

    Hi, this decals are available at Miami?

  8. Tuned Culture

    The day @ HellaFlush VI!!! :)


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