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Music Monday: Sleigh Bells

In 2008, Alexis Krauss walked into a Brooklyn restaurant unaware that her server, Derek Miller, would be the guy she’d eventually join forces with becoming one of the year’s most popular musical duos. Krauss, a former member of a teen pop group Rubyblue and Miller, former member of hardcore band Poison the Well, may have come from opposite ends of the musical spectrum, but together they formed Sleigh Bells making nothing short of musical magic.

The Sleigh Bells sound is hard to describe, it’s a little bit of noise rock meets electro dance pop, however despite the strange mix it’s definitely working for them. Their live performances are wildly energetic, unique, and never disappointing. The Sleigh Bells sound is one we’ve never experienced, and their style is just screaming cool. So it’s no surprise that even before releasing a debut album, the duo gained notoriety and attention from Pitchfork, Amplified, & NY Times just from a few internet tracks circulating the world. However the people craved more, and on May 11th  Sleigh Bells gave the audiences what they wanted with the release of their debut album, Treats, exclusively through iTunes by N.E.E.T. Recordings & Mom + Pop Records.

So if you haven’t given Sleigh Bells a listen, I recommend you stop what you’re doing and download a few of their tracks. Some of my favorites include “Crown on the Ground”, “A/B Machines”, & “Infinity Guitars”.

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