Formula Drift Long Beach: From the Grid to The Wall

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Risky Devil 2010


About a month or so ago, I was surfing the internet and the Risky Devils popped up in my head. Where the hell have they been? Winter is over, shouldn’t they be putting out new pictures, new videos by Tim, etc. Then Chob’s posted up a few pictures of his 240 made over for 2010. Keep a look out for RD this year, I have seen some of their new set ups and I must say they are pretty f***ing dope. Here’s a quick teaser of Chob’s drift monster.

Photo Cred: AJ of ILL Photography

17 Responses to Risky Devil 2010

  1. Drey

    Those rims are ill-e!! what are they called?

  2. Steve

    It was better before! The paint looks horrible!!!!

  3. DJ

    Ah man. Can’t believe this new scheme. Loved the old style of this car much more.

  4. Looking sick with those gold lips. It really sets off a grunge VIP vibe.

  5. Daniel Mcpherson

    however its a fresh set up i love everything accept the rims no offence

  6. Cameron Berta

    Sickk! MAE Crown Jewel Wheels… Right?

  7. that is a awesome shot, and equally as awesome 240

  8. HFAS_monkey

    Dam, Sick as hell. Obviously you guys have no taste if you say anything is wrong with this s14.
    Learn what style is :)

  9. Gigfreaak

    For me looks like some individually colored Vienna’s :)
    Hot car for sure!

  10. Vi3tboi

    looks like SSR Vienna Kreis

  11. vtecUKyo!

    yeah, love it. Grunge VIP – that is an awesome way of putting it!

  12. Theory5150

    Pretty sure they are SSR viennas, dont quote me though.. Looks dope

  13. I dig. Vinyl before, right? This is cooler, and it will look nasty in tandem with the black JZA70.

  14. DPaddison

    If this is “horrible,” then I want to see more “horrible” cars. This shit is dope.

  15. Dro

    This shit is sick. you jiggas need to recognizzze some illllll sh*t

  16. mayday mikey

    I like his candy apple paint job better


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