Oktoberfest in Hawaii

Last month after I got my 1973 BMW 2002 back from an engine rebuild and paint refresh, I took it right out to the 3rd Annual Oktoberfest 2014 hosted by …


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Oktoberfest in Hawaii

Last month after I got my 1973 BMW 2002 back...

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Volcom Swim 2011

I woke up this morning and decided that my life has to slow down for a day. Today called for a TIME OUT.  I just moved into a new apartment. I just started a brand new job. I’ve got suitcases overflowing with denim shorts, swim suits, and platforms. And a closet filled with nothing. All the working, beaching, biking, and partying left no “me” time. So, I opened my eyes and mentally made a list of vital things I just have to get done today (ie: food shopping, laundry, organize my life). Thirty seconds later, I opened my macbook, double-clicked The Xx and before I knew it, three hours had passed by and all I had got done was..hmm…nothing. I mean, I filled my brain with post-Agenda news and upcoming FW & SS collections, but other than that? Nada.

But at least I got to pick out next summer’s bathing suit. I spied it while checking out the photo’s from the party//fashion show Volcom threw last week in LA. The event brought in 1.200 party animals to drink and dance while they debuted their 2011 Swim Collection.

I am totally in love with the “tribal punk” theme and dream of having luscious locks like these gorgeous beautes. I loved the looks they came up with. Everything from the shoes to the hair pieces to the jewelry. The swim collection felt ultra sexy while staying super fun. Good job, Volcom. Looks like I’ll be buying another suit from you next year.

I especially fell head over heels in love with all of the 1-of-a-kind pieces from the collaboration project between Jennifer Herrema (ps: i effing love her and remind me to style-ize her later) and Volcom. Check this killer suit (above center). Tah die. I can totally see the designer’s inspiration here (J.H. is on the right and left of the Volcom model). I think this suit is my top pick of the show–yup, it just hit my wish list.

All in all, I feel real good about Volcom Swim 2011. I mean, I wish I was at the party, but at least I can look forward to some badass suits next Spring. Volcom never ceases to disappoint and the 2011 collection got me real good.  I’m definitely that girl wearing way too many accessories+jewels at the beach, but I can’t help it. I have a little J. Herrema in my styleblood. Now, to get my hair to grow…hmmm what’s up, extensions?

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