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Last night I paid a vist to SS Customs in Redwood city to check out the latest work on Mickey Andrade’s E91 Touring Wagon aka #RicFlare. When I got there …


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Feelin’ free since I just finished all my homework and...


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VRT Miata


I’ll never look at Rotas the same way i did before

40 Responses to VRT Miata

  1. Khaleel

    One of the sickest miata’s ever. Fitment is choice

  2. Mike h

    Info on the wheels and stuff, this car is gorgeous.

  3. Brandon b

    i believe they’re rota grid’s

  4. Roger

    where did he get the “you like this,” sticker

  5. CW

    Yeah what roger said where you get that sticker? lol

  6. Bruno

    I was thinking VRT as in VR6 Turbo *facepalm*. still a killer looking miata

    • I thought the same, and had gotten excited because i always thought that a short motor, but with high displacement like a VR6 Turbo would make a car like a miata, well, an uncontrollable rocket like the 2jz s2000s that are out there. =P

      Would certainly be a fun project though for someone who’s willing to take the time to R+D it

  7. Mike h

    I know they are rota grids, I said specs. Like size, offset, tire size..

  8. K.Bullet

    That is the nastiest Miata I’ve ever seen… I don’t even like Miata’s and this is badass!!!

  9. Toby Dang

    hellz yeah. miata boiz

  10. mike P

    im not a fan of miata’s but this has got to be one of the filthiest miatas ive ever seen..

  11. LOL that facebook “you like this” sticker is bitchin!

    +1 on wheel specs as well.

  12. Marcosteez

    this is inspiration for me and my NB

  13. noble

    i cant see how ppl say the fitment is on point when the fenders are all hacked, and had to be because of the fitment. i like the stance and the wheel choice but damn. maybe i should get a some lower ET and half ass a fender roll to get my car featured on here. dont get me wrong at all my e36 has stretch, poke and negative camber to run my setup but i dont have crinkles in my body lines.

  14. Hey cool story noble bro.

  15. Ben

    Yes, could we please get the specs of those rims.

  16. Boston

    They are Rota P 45R’s not grids

  17. these are worst then grids, nothing cool about bang-bang te37s

  18. STEVO9000

    Specs on that please!

    I need that rear diffuser for my NB!

  19. STEVO9000

    Actually, their not P45 R’s

    The P45 R’s are a 5 spoke rim.

    Those ARE grids.

  20. DopeStep

    Rota grid drifts, 16×8 et10 195/40 falkens…
    I run identical wheels on my VW cabby, however mine are spaced 15mm at the rear..

  21. kenny

    you can get that sticker at IHATESTICKERS.com

  22. robert

    is that jamesons car?!?

  23. Mr. Reckless

    I will always have pride that my wheels are authentic Nismo LM-GT4s and not Rotas.

  24. Lo N Slo

    ^^ good for you doucebag….

  25. slo2k

    ^^ Yeah it must be nice on your high horse. Get over yourself Reckless

  26. Aurora

    Grid Offroad/Drift. They are 17x(9-9.5). Not 100% sure on offset obviously pretty low. Definitely not 16′s or 8″ wide. I have the 16×8 +20 variant and LOVE them, but with fatter tires.

    • jake

      i have these exact wheels on my EP3, im bummed i got 205/40 and not 195/40. they don’t make the offroads in 17s. they come in 16×8 +10 or +20 offset. then 20×8.5 with a 6 lug pattern. they do make a te37 type concave wheel in 17×9 (IK-R)and so on but these are not them. its a dumped miata, why would you think its on 17s? don’t hate on rota, thats not what this sites about, you doucher.

  27. jbowenarrow

    There’s nothing wrong in having nice rims, especially when you work hard to save up for them. F fake shit and knockoffs.

    Don’t hate.

  28. jake

    they are not fake, if a wheel is a wheel, then its real. its not made out of play-doh guys. if a wheel is a KNOCK OFF that implies the company is taking credit for the design, which is not the case. they are replicas. they’re replicas for people who can’t afford baller shit. calm yourself.

  29. LouDog

    they are rota grids in 17×9 with -13 offset i think, he posted on clubroadster.net the other day that the car was for sale with specs. No that size is not listed, but maybe he had them special ordered.

  30. LouDog

    also they are not 4×100 bolt pattern he is running a 4×114.3 hub adapter

  31. jake

    can you post up a link to it, i couldn’t find it. they look just like my grid offroads… that i pride myself on owning. lol

  32. Aurora

    Like I said, 17x(9-9.5) with a low offset. He posted on a Miata site that I frequent because I have a Miata.. and I have these wheels in 16″, like I mentioned. Hence why I knew they were 17′s and not 16′s. How the hell do you get me hating on Rotas when I said I had a set of the wheels in question? Intelligence much?

  33. jake

    overreaction much? this isn’t honda-tech, i can’t reply/quote to multiple posts, and that statement was quite obviously directed towards the rota hate posted above. let me edit it for your liking: DIRECTED TOWARDS MR. RECKLESS: “don’t hate on rota, thats not what this sites about, you doucher.” take a double dose of chill pills and try to suppress the urge to come up with something witty to say in response.

  34. Aurora

    My apologize if some of those comments were for some of the other folks, but it did not come across that way at the time. No harm no foul. Continue with the Grid love.

  35. very low...what y'all did

    take these pics off… its rotas…. the same reason why y’all took the 8th gen. Accord down!

  36. Delbert

    OMG! This is so clean and sexy! This makes me want to get a miata, but when i see them stock they just look so ugly…

  37. @CJacuzzi Have you driven a Lotus Elise? Clearly not. To say a car loses to an Elise is not sniayg it is a bad car just not as good. I am happy to admit that the MX-5 is a fine driving car. But I hate the styling, and I wouldn’t want to own a car commonly driven by hairdressers and middle aged women wearing headscarfs. I imagine getting? into an MX-5 would feel like I imagine cross dressing would feel like not something I’m into LOL


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