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One, Two…

…THREE…   …years of blogging for Fatlace!...


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HF6 BBQ Snaps p1

Thanks to everyone that came thru today to our annual BBQ. I would say there was about 250 cars that rolled thru throughout the day. We gave away about 300 stickers today and if you missed it, you’ll be able to get a sticker in the store starting monday. Anyways, we had a great time BBQing and checking out peoples rides that practically filled up the parking lot the entire day. Unfortunately, we were moved 2 times by the park ranger for having such a large group. Sorry for those that couldn’t find us but eventually did. Also, sorry for the jackass’s that were doing burnouts and stupid revving, there’s always 1 or 2 of you..

I’m sure there will be a few more post of HF6 BBQ which was held at Coyote Point today but here’s a few of mines.

This was one of my favorite rides. S2000 with huge as turbo. 400+hp. Not the flushest but definitely one of the nicest.

9 Responses to HF6 BBQ Snaps p1

  1. shaooooolin

    aww.. i left before the stickers were given out. =(. it was fun though!

  2. David

    This makes me want to give up what i’ve got here in little Sweden, put me and my much loved cars on a plane (and boat, apperently hard to get cars onboard a plane) and start a new motoring life in the US. Hell, I’ll just sell my cars now, be there in a couple of hours B-)

  3. tami

    Lovin that silver turbo s2k!

  4. misfitrps13

    Thumbs up on the silver S2K! Damm shouda kept mine.

  5. david

    sweet gtrs and fresh s2 with function and form :) The owner told me they were 11.5 in the rears.

  6. Dom_J

    More on that tC in the 6th shot please!! Definitely some hot cars….looked like a good time.

  7. ChrisJ Rosario

    Hell yea Chris’ Audi lookin clean as usual! great fitment

  8. Josh

    When are the stickers being put up for sale in the store?


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