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HF BBQ @ Coyote Point


I was looking forward to this BBQ over any HellaFlush event we had this year. Why you ask? With my insane work schedule and everything else I have going on in my life, I was just looking forward to relaxing and kicking it with the FTLC crew, meeting new folks, and checking out some dope rides. Did I forget to mention the food? Yes, there was a lot of it. People came from all over California to kick it for awhile. It is always good seeing fellow HF bloggers and homies J. Hooks and Yogi from So Cal. I knew Josh was driving up for the BBQ a day prior but I had NO IDEA Yogi was going to make a last minute decision at 3:30am the day of the BBQ to attend! That’s some dedication! If you guys were looking for Yogi the entire day, perhaps to possibly get featured on the site, he could of been found past out in his car. Long drive, warm weather, and food coma will do that to you.

In Tuan’s behalf, no homo.

There were all types of makes and models at this BBQ. Old schools, VIP, RHD, you name it. Everyone did share one common interest though, being flush to the ground and fitment. Its always good to see progression. I recall a few cars that I saw at last years BBQ that showed up this year with some pretty sick fitment. Anyway, enough with the jibba jabba. Enjoy!

I was stoked to finally see Kenny’s wagon in person! I can’t wait until his coilovers come in and get to see this thing slammed to the ground.

I don’t have a big enough ego to say that I am extremely jealous of Mark and Felix. Just amazing what Mark has already done to his, wondering what Felix has in mind. The oil cooler is just awesome!

Keep your eyes peeled for this STi. Full feature coming soon!

Big Phil even rolled through. BALLIN!! The lovely NOS girls were at the BBQ showing some love as well.

Well, thats it for now. Keep your eyes peeled for more coverage and photos from our other bloggers!

13 Responses to HF BBQ @ Coyote Point

  1. Sid

    Hey, would like to say thanks to you guys/gals, for putting this together. Coming from Seattle, there isn’t a scene like the one here in Cali ! Here are some pics for you !


  2. X-Willer

    That red STI is HOT!

  3. Jess

    <3 can't wait for the next event :) )

  4. panda poo

    damn the teal skyon with beebs looks sooo nice!

  5. WillDrift4Food

    Nos girl showing so support, I love it, Great cars guys.

  6. Tbradley87

    lulz at VA JAYJAY

  7. That model has a horrible ass.

    That lexus emblem replaced with something from the Freemasons?

  8. jimbo

    That Toyota Camry came out of nowhere!! any more pictures?

    Nice teaser with the model. very yum!

  9. sileightysr20

    anyone know where i can find more pics of the 240 hatch with “VA JAYJAY” on the quarter window??

  10. juan

    whats the bodykit on the is300?????

  11. luis assle

    12 pictures down red VA jay jay s13
    What kind of rims in the front??

  12. who would be able to tell me the specs of the bbs on the teal tc????


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