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S14 Update: Destroy & Rebuild

It’s been a long time coming, a year actually, since the S14 has seen the track. Here’s it coming along and any day now, it’ll be back in its fine glory.

I changed a few things after gracefully bowing out of the Titan swap. Too many little issues came up and not enough help from people who said they would caused it to be more of a headache than anything. The newly rebuilt to handle 750hp SR20DET (although it’ll only be tuned to 400something) is now sitting pretty after being at powder coaters for a few days.

Jline Wheels SDMSL2
Front 18×9.5 -10 / Rear 18×9.5 – 35

The battle ram bumper with the motor in place. Intercooler and RADiator. Oil cooler gets mounted in this week as well. Im pretty sure I’ll be drifting without the bumper. Looks rad. Painting it next week. Any suggestions?

Custom 6666 Tra Kyoto front bumper and side skirts in place. Looking mean even without the side skirts.

Pinky peeking thru.

Anyone want to try to tailslide the rear?

More updates soon.

40 Responses to S14 Update: Destroy & Rebuild

  1. MadMax

    I really like the DuckTail

  2. gabedm

    MARK rocket bunny? seriously??? mannnnnnnnnn, I am sure you could pull it off but I figured I would see some real g stuff vertex ridge etc..

  3. I bet Phil would be down to tailslide the rear rail LoL. Hell, he’ll probably nose slide the battle ram.

    uh oh, I just got a dope idea for a photoshoot…


  4. Lloyd hughes

    Tuffest s14 i have seen in awhile! i hope to see some clips of it on the track!

  5. rocket bunny its clean and simple yet stylish

  6. now ill have to make a new rc replica! dont think you ever saw the one i made. kenny did though.

  7. FcMURDA

    dayum that shit looks hard

  8. Love Love Love it all Mark, but you already know how I feel about your build. I say paint it flatz white, and leave the rivets black.. Going to look so sick going side wayz. I hope I can make it out to one of your events so we can do work together

  9. Fan

    Ridge over RB? Vintage rusted vice on my head right now. Were talking about Rocket Bunny, check the concept, not the clinch.

  10. elscruffalo

    keep it white

  11. No tubed front wheel-wells? It really does not rub on full turn?

  12. Holy crap what a world class 14, you got some serious taste Mark, also glad you stuck with the SR over the Titan. Oh so amped to see the shots of this thing when its done, spewing I can’t check it out in person.

  13. Sleepy Brown

    Man you are my hero. First person ive seen in the states with the Tra Kyoto/6666 Customs body. My favorite body of all and you my friend rock it. So just dont trash it please unless you got money like that

  14. Kyle

    Wheel specs?

  15. animator480

    i say keep it white w/ black and red details/pinstripes

  16. panda poo

    home depot lip that bumper yo! or something to protect the bottom of it and make it look even lower and more bizniss.

    • Mark Arcenal

      actually a good idea. saw neeks and looked 3x

      • panda poo

        there’s also this other lip thing i found that’s pretty sick that’d protect your bumber. in my opinion i think the old skool riveted depot lip is SO sick but this might fit your car better since it’s hella clean. search this on ebay: Universal Front Bumper Lip Splitter Spoiler

  17. Very nice! Cant wait to see it on track again.

  18. phattest

    your rims are nasty…..the first picture…your rims and tires are massive!!
    but i wanna see the side view of the car! lol its fuckin badass though…you have great taste lol

  19. Gigfreaak

    lovely S14, seeeeriously
    was playing around with some colors and sketching, took about 15 mins
    anyways reply if you want to get some serious drawings


  20. beto

    agree with paintint the bumper bars too match your cage.id downshift and floor it if i saw that mean bumper bar coming my way.lol.

  21. This car destroys me. Pretty much the sickest 6666 14 outta Japan. Between this, the bus and the GC10 you have pretty much my dream garage. I salute you sir.


  23. Alex

    omg finish it already its coming out siiiick

  24. Rocket Bunny kit!! GEEEBUSS ~ how much did that cost you guys?!?!

    I can’t wait to see this car in action again!

    Is this the same FATLACE BN SPORTS S14?!?!?!


    Jowe -

  25. Bruno

    cant wait to see this moving sideways!

  26. Matt McCoy

    I’ll tail slide it all the way to FD 2011!!

    Good work buddy.


  27. Is that steel front reinforcement custom made? Cause I need one for my protege.

  28. Finn

    keep it white looks mint


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