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Wagonist Brian x Rotiform Split NUE


When I first saw Brian’s A4wagon I stopped and watched it pass me by and remembered my old A4 Wagon in 2000 slammed with Leon Hardiritts. Here’s Brian’s car with Rotiform Split Nue, a fully forged 3 piece wheel with a concave face. Available in flat or step lip. This set is 20×10 all around with 3″ step lip. Mirror polished lips and candy teal coated mirror polished faces.

For those that wonder, YES this car sits flush with a little bit of air. It’s at the hellaflush to the ground mode in these photos. :)

30 Responses to Wagonist Brian x Rotiform Split NUE

  1. WillDrift4Food

    Those rims are banging!!!!!!! What are they?! Good stance, and well fit. The wagons are boss.

  2. Those wheels look dope!

    • animator480

      Hellz yeah! i keep tellin my girl about a wagon, i’ll bet she’ll change her mind when she sees this!

  3. Max

    Sweet….clean…. unique

  4. David

    I <3 wagons

  5. Davey

    dope as hell!

  6. CheekNasty

    This car is unreal. Looks like a JADA toy car. Sick set up.

  7. Sleepy Wagon.

    Brian always killin it! I love all his wagons. The wheels are Rotiform. I believe its his company.

  8. blah

    please leave ugly colored wheels to the honda kids, this is a proper avant that unfortunately screams “i’m trying too hard to be different, look at my colored wheels”

    everything else about the car is on point. wheel color = fail

  9. Andy


    I’m speechless

  10. Clean nuff said

  11. Jae Bueno


  12. supafresh! rotiform + adams rotors!

  13. famous

    shut the fuck up blah

    • DAODE

      Yes well said famous, If u don’t like it blah then don’t comment.

      • EUR0

        DAODE how are u gonna tell someone that they cant say they dont like the bright color on the rims and say they cant say that shit here isnt that the point of comments; to voice your opinion?
        i agree with Blah tho teal 5 spoke heavy looking rims is kinda trying hard. and blah is so right. the stance is fucking amazing on this car but the rims dont do it for me in blue these wud look ill in STi style gold blue is way too flashy and way too random

        • DAODE

          Yeh true i should of worded it differently, but think Blah shouldn’t say its fail or trying too hard because people like different things.

  14. Dj D@wodu

    One of the rides you show up to an event early so you can chill and look as the universe builds around you.

  15. Dylan


  16. Z-Monster

    I’m going to agree with everyone here except Blah and say these wheels are plain sick! Way to push the envelope!

  17. phattest

    h4t3rs jus hatin…
    car is hella sick

  18. east808

    3 thumbs up…. fakka is sick

  19. west707

    instead of blue..put dark purple on them..

  20. katty

    what year is that?

  21. DPJ

    Here’s a UK opinion………..car is fucking dope!!! So fresh and stands apart from the crowd. He’s not doing the black on black, or murdered out look, the teal rims give the car a freshness. I’d own it in a heartbeat.


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