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30 Sep 2010

Klas:SIK Videos

Thanks to Al & Peter of WantVSNeed for shooting our Klas:Sik show. Where you’ll see 5 Car Tandem Drifting & a car show! [vimeo][/vimeo] and check out the carshow video by PURE Addict [youtube][/youtube] And another.. [vimeo][/vimeo]

30 Sep 2010

New People 1 Year Anniv

New People had its 1 year anniversary this month and in celebrating, they closed off the entire block. Hopefully next year they’ll do the same and we can get something going in front of our store. We did however have a $10 sale which kept the place packed all day

30 Sep 2010

More klas:SIK Coverage

Once again, big ups to everyone who came through to make this a dope event… the staff, drifters and all the spectators! I’m stoked that drifting is back in the bay. Maybe next time, a bigger gymkhana course, like the ones Ken Block drives, haha. More incentive to get going

30 Sep 2010

5 Meter Kaws Statue at Harbour City Museum

Highly esteemed artist KAWS presents us with a 5 meter high statue outside the Harbor City Museum of Art in Hong Kong.  The statue, as well as the accompanying artwork and mural, is part of KAWS’ “Passing Through” exhibition. Pictures courtesy of highsnobiety.

30 Sep 2010

Lexus Safety

I was recently invited to the Toyota Speedway at Irwindale to participate in the Lexus Safety Experience. The event took place in the large parking lot outside of the actual track and a series of 3 scenarios were set-up with cones. We were divided into 3 groups and were briefed

30 Sep 2010

Marble Madness

The other day Standard Functions came up from LA to show off their latest Ruckus creations at our Klas:SIK event. Here’s one of the bikes they brought up and it’s a prime example of the possibilities of a Honda Ruckus. The one piece frame to the custom painted purple marble,

30 Sep 2010

New Balance Women’s 410 Sneaker, Fall 2010

Inspired by classic running styles from New Balance during the 70’s and 80’s, the current 410 collection combines rich materials and suede detailing perfect for denim and everyday wear.  The New Balance 410 sneaker for Fall 2010 is available in grey/yellow, grey/pink, and black/blue. Ladies, would you rock? I personally

30 Sep 2010

Hella Kenny

After a tiring, yet very fun & good nights rest after Klas:siks, The crew and i usually do the same things while i visit. Eat, goof around, eat laugh it up, eat, make fun of max, eat, RC Drifting, eat hah. Norcal has become almost like a second home for

30 Sep 2010

OG Nissan Sketches

Been a long time Nissan/Datsun fan. Right now my car habbit has been put aside to study Industrial Design. However cars are always in the back of my mind. The database here at school is full of inspiration. Although computer aided sketching and modeling has become the norm, the og: pen,pencil, marker, paper, airbrush, clay techniques still have their place. The more I think

29 Sep 2010

Klas:sik Drift pt. 2

So took a little 380 mile trip up to Vallejo this weekend for Klas:siks , what a fun event it was :] was working the booth most the time and got some freetime to shoot some of the drifting… Crowd was awsome, Drivers doing not to shabby! by not to