Oktoberfest in Hawaii

Last month after I got my 1973 BMW 2002 back from an engine rebuild and paint refresh, I took it right out to the 3rd Annual Oktoberfest 2014 hosted by …


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Oktoberfest in Hawaii

Last month after I got my 1973 BMW 2002 back...

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Desktop Freebies!


Got a shoot in with my Very good friend Keith aka Keychain, im sure you know this guy and car by now… Sad to hear a couple months back his roofrack got stolen :( so bit of a new look for keith… funny short story that roof rack was mine back in 2006-2007? well thought you guys might enjoy some desktop backgrounds….


Click on image for full size!

19 Responses to Desktop Freebies!

  1. downtownguru

    super sick shoots

  2. Keith’s CG7 looks real clean without the rack..nice pics Yogi!

  3. titanauto

    haha more fake wheels.

  4. Frank

    Always love his accord. Super clean and classy. Seen it many times on Stanceworks.com

    I want to shoot for you guys!! How can I get an in with you fellas?

  5. Frank

    I’m in SoCal as well…

  6. BrownNoze

    Sick Accord!

  7. chippeRX7

    I have loved this accord for a while. I too like it w/o the rack.
    Tight as always

  8. JasperSzpotek

    What does the Bandaid decal mean?

  9. Connor The Art Student

    Ill accord, love that look.
    Is it just me or don’t yuo love seein dd dropped.

  10. Dom_J

    People are seriously stealing roof racks???!! What the hell is the world coming to? Lol

    Cars looks great as always though, gorgeous shots…*right click / save*

  11. ISB Garage

    clean…always loved accords. from 91-2011

  12. A-Dub

    It has a huge gap between the dround and the car! O.o

  13. Clean OG Accord.

    http://www.itzjOw3.com Phen Club

    - Jowe

  14. go keith! his car is boss!

  15. damnn

    what kind of rims are those?? so sikk

  16. cj walter

    Lovin the MB Battles!


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