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Fatlace Klas:sik


For those that might of fallen off the face of the earth for the past month, we had our Fatlace Klas:sik at the Solano Fairgrounds this afternoon. Nothing but sun, cars, and tire smoke. The crew arrived bright and early to the faces of anxious drifters ready to lay down some rubber and car geeks looking forward to car porn. The weather was a little bit on the warm side but we are all used to by now, especially since we have to deal with the hot and humid weather while traveling around the country for Formula Drift. Speaking of Formula Drift, even FD crew member Luke and photographer Andrew Bohan made it out to our event today…

Once we got the cars staged, we could tell all the drifters were starting to get antsy so we held a quick drivers meeting while pro drifter Calvin Wan did a few test runs on the course and got the lines down.

I will post the drifting portion of this event in my next post but for now, enjoy some of the cars from the show. I won’t post all of the cars I shot today because I am sure you will start to see more and more posts from the Stay Fresh Crew throughout the week with more coverage.

And the winners for Best JDM, Euro, Old School, VIP, Drift, and Hellaflush are…

And their cars…

All winners received a Fatlace prize pack and the opportunity to be graced by the presence of the lovely Genevieve Chanelle. Of course you know we had to end the show like we have been for the past couple of events. We let it rain!!!

Thanks again to everyone who came out, we all hope you enjoyed yourself! Stay tuned for coverage on the madness that went down on the course in my next post!

10 Responses to Fatlace Klas:sik

  1. Monkey

    i miss that fatlace shirt that the girl is wearing…i wish you could make more of those

  2. I got some sick pics from the media pass area. Use some of them for your next post on this event.

  3. Max

    I’m bored to be in France when I see that… Nice shots,nice cars!

  4. xose

    Event was dope.

  5. Great Event, and local. Hope to see many more from you guys , and thank you for the Vip award ;)

  6. corbin

    haha who likes my tiedye shirt next to that white beamer :P

  7. check out http://www.doubleZEROphotography.com for more on this event, some arent up cuz they are still being edited.

  8. nightmare

    Awesome show had a great time. check out my video I put together on the event. http://il.youtube.com/watch?v=VdVek5p70OM

  9. paul

    Thanks again Mark for having the balls to put this show/drift event on. I was one of the drifters out there and had an awesome time. Please keep it up. We will for sure support you in your quest to bring local drifting/badass car shows back to the Bay Area.


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