Formula Drift Long Beach: From the Grid to The Wall

The 2014 Formula Drift season kicked off last weekend in sunny Long Beach, CA. Everyone has been anticipating this first of 7 events in the US this year. The excitement …


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Riding Dirty

Who says building a time attack car should only see the track? Check out this used and daily abused S2000 submitted in by Alex Bucur.

30 Responses to Riding Dirty

  1. Blackflag

    Flush and riding dirty! Thats what im talking about! more of this!

  2. Riley

    Seen it!!!

  3. Nice to see a car get driven!

    • Mr. Rotary

      you got that right man. I was just thinking how common this stance thing is getting, I mean why spend 2k on coilovers just to drive slow lol

  4. such a great car to drive!!! good to see some street action as well. I miss mine every day

  5. Very cool! looks like too much fun!

  6. RJ

    Not to be a doosh but drifting is cool on a track…not so much on a public road into oncoming traffic. Kinda reminds me of the time at Tail of the Dragon when a “cool guy” drifter spun out in front of us coming head on into our lane. STUPID !

  7. cade

    that thing needs a hardtop and it would be PERFECT

    thank god it gets its ass kicked, i hate show queens

  8. That’s full of dope. Looks like it was getting a lil squirley there. lol

  9. javed@forged-lifestyle

    that is wicked!

  10. tbradley87

    I love it.

  11. That diffuser just completes it!


    http://www.itzjow3.com Phen Club

  13. Unknown

    Bottom right picture looks super sketch with the brake lights on and no steering angle. Looks like it’s going straight off the road.

    • Alex

      The next corner was right. So the car is getting set up. Also the only reason why the brake lights are on is cause of left foot braking to lock the up the Ebrake and slow down a bit

  14. diego*8

    sickk!! are those cf front fenders youre running ?

  15. Odishaw

    geeze guys chill out, for all you know he could be parked like that just taking photos to “look” like hes tracking/drifting/losing control. wouldnt be the first time ive seen photos like that.

  16. es

    Fuck yeah highway 9

  17. TougeCamel

    Thats pretty weak Alex. lol. Looks like you initiated much too early. Man i miss bombing runs with that little s2k. Diffuser smashing tarmac. WOOOOT

  18. mateo

    Link to more pics?


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