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SL(ammed)55 AMG

Well, I guess I didnt see this one coming. Check out Kamil W. SL55 AMG. Although I’m not a big fan of convertibles (I had an S2000 which I never put the top down except that one time driving on the bridge at 2am), this SL is the shit and has all the ingredients of greatness. Rocking DPE’s, SL63 parts, and dumped is all you can ask for. Great job on choosing parts that even the pickiest of tuners would attest to.

The build list.
WHEELS: DPE ST7 Wheels with step lips (mchine finish with polished lips)
Sizes – 19×9.5 FRONT and 19×10.5 REAR / Dunlop Direzza DZ101 all around

INTERIOR: Carbon Wrapped (di-noc) interior (i can send you more pictures if you would like) I will also be putting in a carbon fiber steering wheel along with carbon fiber keyless go shifter, this should be done by End of October.

EXTERIOR: Real Carbon Fiber SL63 Rear Spoiler, Real Carbon Fiber Front Lip, Custom 1 Slat Carbon Front Grille, Custom AMG hood Badge, 35% Tint all around, Clear side Markers, 8K HID kit upgraded low beams, 8k HID kit for fog lights.


ENGINE BAY: Painted Engine Cover (Gloss Black) Wrapped Aftermarket Intake Tubes (pictures of that as well) I will also Coat the supercharger and intake manifolds in Chrome to go with the Engine covers that are black, but that will probably be over winter.

PERFFORMANCE: Custome 3inch Exhaust with stock mufflers for a more friendly sound, Custom Intake, Johnson CM30 Interooler pump, and going on this weekend is a huge front mount polished intercooler so the front end will look more even more aggressive with much more power as well.

Photos: Marek Szarek

24 Responses to SL(ammed)55 AMG

  1. Anonymous

    Tastely done!

  2. Anonymous

    its meh…

    • KAREL

      what a benz. lookin sexy sexy. But i gotta say you guys are going a little crazy with the camber, i bet the inside of your tires are showing wire before the outside even shows signs of wear, i just don’t understand, my 300 has hella bad camber wear and it pisses me off, why would you want to make your car destroy tires every 6,000 miles.

      • jacob

        well if this guy has the money to flush out a benz and an amg at that, i think he’s got money for tires

  3. Blackflag

    i think i just creamed myself

  4. brian

    thats how that car was made to look right there.

  5. Ryan

    Ive seen this car around Chicago and I absolutely love it.
    Very bold to have such great fitment on such a high-end chassis.

    Pretty much exactly how I would mod an SL55.

  6. hanablemoore

    Not a MB fan at all but this silver bitch is sexy. DAMN IT!

  7. Chicago coming through big on HF today.

  8. Kyle

    Sooo sick!

  9. drapeau

    too fucking sick

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  11. Heero Yuo

    very nicely put together man….

  12. kay

    I think this is one of the best cars to come on HF site

  13. Dave

    Pics of interior pleasse! Im really interested in doing some interior pieces in my Audi with Dinoc film and would love to see how it looks…. Sick Car!


    Hey Guys,

    Thanks a bunch for the nice comments, please e mail me for the interior pix of the car I can e mail you a few so you can check it out. e-mail – kamilzo6 at yahoo

    Thanks AGAIN


    • M6eatsSL55

      I got a totalled procharged Z06 that will spank this fake ass amg with fake ass wheels and fake carbonfiber interior. i know you got a 230 kompresssor motor in that. I will spank u son!!! Lets meet up behing Chicago cycle son!

  15. Kalain



    Thank You. Hopefully my winter plans will work out and I push this thing even further

  17. Hi, thank you your writing style is amazing. just found your site on bing. come back later for sure :)


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