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Winnipeg Flush


Rarely do I see flush IS250′s around town and when I do see them, they’re in LA. It’s good to know Ryan is holding it down for the IS Community in good old Winnipeg, Canada. Yes, Canada folks. So many nice cars come out of Canada and we rarely get to feature them. Not sure why but soon enough, we’ll have someone shooting for us up in Canuck town. Peep the car.

2008 Lexus IS250
SSR Vienna Zweel 19×9 +25 19×10+25

Owner Ryan Venzon
Photographer Ryan Venzon
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
Car club ZUCRU

24 Responses to Winnipeg Flush

  1. Shout outs to the guys at club lexus, zucru, and Mark at HF.

  2. jason wu

    that’s not hellaflush

  3. JB

    i don’t think this car should be qualified posting on HF.
    19×9 +25&19×10+25 with this height, is not hellaflush, is it?

    • Mark Arcenal

      The car is very much flush. It’s not extreme like some of the other cars but flush indeed without having ridiculous amounts of camber. If you look at the other photos, it’s barely clearing which is AOK in my book.

      • JULIAN

        it’s flush but i would have to disagree about it being HF, I strongly don’t think this car is HF.

  4. aar0n.

    Nitpicking between what’s “hellaflush” and “flush” is the stupidest fking thing I’ve ever seen. Also, different specs fit different cars differently, so just bc the offset isn’t super low doesn’t mean it’s not sitting right. Bunch of wannabe keyboard thugs on here, most of whom probably drive haggard cars. I’ve never seen this car before nor do I know the owner, but a lot of the comments on here just make you guys sound like jackasses

    • Mark Arcenal

      ^^ Agree. Too much of this going on. We put cars up on the site we like, period.

  5. venZon

    If you don’t have haters you’re not doing it right…

    I find it funny how people are telling you how to run your own site. haha.

    • aar0n.

      Even worse than people talking smack about stuff they clearly have no real experience with is people throwing the term “haters” around as if it’s a badge of honor. If people are hating on a car, 99% of the time it’s not because of jealousy; it’s because it actually sucks.

  6. venZon

    Build your car for yourself not for others. There will always be others that have different taste simple as that.

    • jason wu

      don’t get me wrong man, i like your car,it’s looking very good!!! but as for it being hellaflush i just have to disagree.

  7. wongz

    I will show you what hellaflush on an IS looks like:

    find the post under “integlspwr ” on that page, his IS is real hellaflush.

    • aMk01

      if the car was lower then IMO it’s flushed. and to respond to the person about the offsets. the isx50 can not really handle that low offsets. i have 19×9.5 10.5 + 30 and i had a hard time fitting them.

      nice car btw =)

  8. SubyKid

    There will always be a lower, flusher car. But a stock body (GFX) and a tow hook with crooked exhaust even with good fitment is not the complete package IMO.

  9. Ruddiger

    Winnipeger here, and you don’t want to go much lower or crazier than this in Killipeg, streets are shit and nobody wants to fuck up their nice shit just to live up to a bunch of nobody keyboard jockey’s fantasies. This car is Hellaflush for sure when you take into account the environment it operates in, and would be Hellaflush anywhere in my opinion. “Flush” would be rim in line with the fender, I clearly see that rim being well outside of the fender, therefore….Hellaflush. Might not be the MOST Hellaflush car ever, but it doesn’t mean it is not Hellaflush. Bunch of retards here trying to judge peoples cars by their own twisted definitions of flush like they came up with the concept of flush and Hellaflush. Take your camber and shove it, this car is Helladope/clean/fresh/flush, appreciate or STFU and GTFO.

    • I'mKillinIt

      I’m also from Winnipeg and I completely disagree with you. I respect that Hellaflush has acknowledged this car and put it up on their website. Its great seeing it around and it looks awesome. I realize its been said but I don’t see this as being “hellaflush” either. I’m not hating or anything, its a gorgeous car but to me its just flush. The car looks flush but still convenient and manageable. I don’t think its possible for a car to be “hellaflush” in winnipeg without being the most inconvenient car to drive around; but hey, that’s half the fun. I think some lower offsets and a lower stance are in order but that’s just my opinion. Keep it comin!

      • Seems like everyone is splitting hairs. The car has nice fitment and is a really nice car itself. I am from Saskatchewan (the Province next to Manitoba) and was completely unware of this car and their scene. It is nice to see Canadians, especially ones from the prairies getting attention from a site like this. Hopefully Saskatchewan will get a little attention next.

        Keep up the good work.


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