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Mr. Mikey’s FD

Whether its cars, design, people, or the culture, everytime I visit Japan I get inspired. Here’s something that you’ll never see in the states. Influenced by the custom show scene of today, this bagged out, VIPstyle 2002 RX7 comes with all the goodies and is rolling on 20′s! Crazy right but we like it!

Although we wont be able to see the car this weekend, we’ll be hooking up with Mikey and his crew to check out the Japanese Street Scene this weekend, possibly Daikoku.

28 Responses to Mr. Mikey’s FD

  1. Jhooks

    crazy looking FD!

  2. Mark Razmandi

    wheels are GROSSSSSSSSS. dont put an RX-7 on dubs please and thank you. (obviously i know they arent actually dubs for the trolls out there)

  3. PJ

    G37 headlamps? not too bad tho,, looks like Feed FD

  4. NUMO

    o_O what front conversion is that?

  5. kinda looked like an aston martin at first glance. wow!

  6. CurryBoyy

    Fap Fap Fap aghh that is beast!

  7. That rear shot looks aggressive. I might have to make this a wallpaper or something.

  8. Kyle

    ehh not a fan… I’d rather see an FD on the track than rolling slow VIP style, just my HO.

  9. DB

    Front lamps don’t do it for me, the rest is ballin…

  10. MarcoSTEEZ


  11. eurotrash86

    I’m still tossed up on the light conversion but the rear shot is beasty!!!

  12. jams

    oh Jesus

  13. Spensaur


  14. Kyle S

    The wheels are gross

  15. The front end struck me the most. Something Different you’ll never find in an FD. Change is good!

  16. sileightysr20


  17. tlatrak

    stupid sick!!

  18. DatilleSt99

    First Turn off The Rims Stance And Way Wheels Sit in Back pic Is DeadsexicC beside that idk.. not big fan of FD Ricey mirrors Headlights and all is FluShed wit kit +1 for dis comment!

  19. xavier

    So sick…one of my dream rides


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