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Nissan Sunny Side Up

I’ve been cruising mini truck forums lately and this was linked to me via Yogi via Vince, who just picked up an old school mini truck. Mini Truck drifting looks so much fun. Next project? Who knows..

A little too crazy on the stretch..

21 Responses to Nissan Sunny Side Up

  1. ill

    stretch is a little much but still badass!!

  2. Clint(activeskater13)

    Thats suuupppper sick, personaly id like it raised about 2 or 3 inches but thats sick

  3. Driftydrift

    What year is that?

  4. Mr.Reckless

    That is f*ckin’ badass…drop a SR in that!

  5. Yogi

    id hit it….

  6. 02ACTcLean

    Love that setup. Funny how the front lip jus barley fits.. but it works!

    • RyMOn

      That looks like a custom front valance.
      The ride on this mini truck must be the most stiffest, and bounciest ride ever.
      I like the bent license plate and the clown horn exhaust hehe.

  7. Yanny

    Awsome truck…anymore pictures of that red nissan?

  8. dandown and out

    looks the beef i think id go with you guys and say the stretch is abit to much but all round its a good 1

  9. In my country this is called a Nissan Champ, and before that it was called a Nissan Sport.

  10. stancepunk

    It kills me that we never got the Sunny Pickup, but we already had the 520 and 620 before the 70′s were out, so in a nation primarilly controlled by muscle another Nissan pickup would have been too much.

    But damn I would take off my testicles with a KFC spork for this Sunny.

  11. eduardo

    i believe this has a k20 in it

  12. Bruno

    Sexy truck, It just looks like it rubs all the time! Needs camber or higher offset.
    I love mini trucks like this, clean and stanced, but most seem to just go bright and wild “yuckies” :)

  13. I would love to have one of these as a collectors car for my future garage.

    http://www.itzjOw3.com Phen Club

    - Jowe

  14. dis nigga

    dope..i love poke like that.

  15. Edgardo

    That thing is awesome, learned how to drive in a 1991 one. I miss that thing.

  16. MarcoSTEEZ

    a Hellaflush guy saying a little too much stretch? Blasphemy! lol dope truck

  17. getlow

    And who says raise it? thing looks hittin at that height!

  18. Sanitora!

    Looks like the same truck I posted here (purloined from Masaru Tanaka’s Flickr): http://sixsylinder.blogspot.com/2010/06/sanitora-scraper.html

    It’s in the states now?


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