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Rocky Auto, Japan

For those that don’t know, Japan isn’t cheap. Especially now with the US Dollar at an all time low, getting to any of those really cool shops you alway hear about will cost you a pretty penny.

So after taking the bullet train to Hamamatsu, we cruised over to Rocky Auto with our friend Takahiro Uchikoshi of Sherman Oaks Customs. After checking out his shop (which will be featured right after this feature), the drive from his shop was around 1.5 hours.

Being that it was a national holiday in Japan, it was very nice of Rocky Auto to open and show us around. I’ve always wanted to goto Rocky from and now that I own a Hakosuka, I made it a point to go during this visit. Noah, too was excited about this part of the trip and was inquiring about 2 of their cars and if you know anything about the Rocky Auto cars, you know they’re built very good.

Upon arriving, I noticed the huge parking lot full of Z’s and Skyline GT’s and GTR’s. It was very surreal seeing all of these cars in one place. It was even more surreal seeing the loads of S20 motors just sitting around. Talk about a kid in a candy store. I had so many questions but I forgot every single one.

This was built with modern power in mind.

This Hako GTR was incredible. It was the very first time I’ve ever sat in a real GTR. I’ve seen only 1 real GTR in my life and that was last year when we saw one at the Toyota Museum in Nagoya. The asking price for this was 98,000,000 yen. That’s over $100k in USD.

It’s a tuned up S20 and it sounded so good.

This Kenmeri was just sitting in the middle of many awesome builds.

S30 All Carbon Z. You know you want it.

The Man.

Talking numbers with The Man.

The parking lot was incredible. There’s over 150 more of these at 2 undisclosed warehouses nearby. Yeah, that many.

The S20. There were a few of these lying around. He said he had over 100 L20′s for me if mine ever blew.

30 Responses to Rocky Auto, Japan

  1. Kenny


    i always wondered why you dont see this type of inside scoop Japan stuff more often on the web. thanks for sharing, hope to see this in real life!

  2. Frank

    RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG pure joy!

  3. cspek

    that carbon Z is sick as hell!

  4. Super nice photos of wicked rides.

  5. Pingback: -273 » S30 All Carbon Z

  6. One too many zeros in there boys and the decimal point needs moving! The Hakosuka is $1.2 million dollars by that reckoning, lol.

    But yes – it might be worth around 9,800,000…who knows. :)

  7. Wow. Just Wow. Amazing.

  8. X-Willer

    Is that Z really all carbon? The sides look like they’re wrapped. Or is it some sort of dry carbon?

  9. a high asian

    soo much win, all so clean.

  10. myk1013


    Just want to know… how much do those vintage Z’s go for?

  11. Pingback: I just found Heaven!!! |

  12. Jeff

    Speechless, let’s do this in Cali Mark :D

  13. Rob

    Epic! Thanks for posting, hope I can make it there one day!

  14. Jose

    So many jewels… Amazing…

    Thanks for sharing…

  15. Wow! Nice to see loads of pictures, especially of this calibre and content

  16. animator480

    that purple wide-fendered z is by far the best i’ve ever seen. sheer beauty

  17. True OG car enthusiasts!

    http://www.itzjOw3.com Phen Club

    - Jowe

  18. Daode

    absolute gold mine of amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. martin

    thats amazing

  20. Jhooks

    this place is just awesome!

  21. Nismo Omori Factory

    Old school Zed and GTR galore!

    Love it!

  22. The carbon Z’s main body is DINOC’ed, , while all the removable parts are actual carbon. Still ill though.

  23. Number Please

    SOOOO.. sick!

  24. muther of gawd! HEAVEN ON EARTH. fantastic shots too. please share more if there’s more!

  25. if its at all possible, MOAR PREASE! lol

    • rene

      Sick rides ! My jaws just dropped when i saw all these cars in one lot, speechless !! Thanks for the pictures!

  26. Zojer

    Absolutely Win!

  27. HOT TO DEATH!!!! Just put my headstone and ashes on the ground there…

  28. Pingback: Some old school Jap Car Porn

  29. OMG! I want that Carbon Z!

    I love these photo’s, more please!


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