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Shaun White Skateboarding


One of the first video games I fell obsessively addicted to was SSX Tricky. My best friend at the time had a 70″ TV, a cupboard full of snacks and parents who somewhat adopted me ‘cuz I was the only other Mandarin speaking kid in class so I was constantly over at her house trying flipping ubertricks and punching myself for not having discovered Mixmaster Mike and Rahzel earlier in my life. The good old days…


Since I was notoriously clumsy, uncoordinated, and a giant wuss, there was no way in hell I would ever excel at extreme sports like snowboarding and skateboarding. It just wasn’t in the cards. I guess video games were my way of channeling an inner badass. But after joining the real world of research papers and marketing proposals, my favorite characters, tricks (and inner badass) took a back burner. Until Ubisoft released Shaun White Skateboarding earlier this week.


Um… WHAT??! This game looks beyond epic. As if everyone’s favorite carrottop Shaun White and everyone’s favorite “build-your-own”-game-from-the-90s SIMs got together and created a lovechild for the modern day gaming system with better graphics and an incredible user interface. Exactly what I was looking for to bring back the good old days of video games on 70″ TVs and endless snacks. Don’t judge me.


5 Responses to Shaun White Skateboarding

  1. Ummm, hVe you played Skate? Pick up Skate 3 and you will never go back to an arcade skate game like this or Tony Hawks crap games.

    • SSX tricky is amazing. It’s pretty much the only game i play at my dorm right now.

    • DAODE

      Yeh i agree ssx tricky is such a sick game and the sequels wern’t so good. I also would rather play skate 3 that a tony hawk or shaun white game, but then again id rather just go outside n skate for real haha, the shaun white game does look like it has some good ideas though.

  2. Jordan

    SSX Tricky is a top 10 game for me. I don’t know how I feel about this “transforming” rails and ramps business tho looks too cartoon-y. Skate 3 is amazing. Perfect combination of reality and ease to play.

    • emily

      haha so glad im not the only dork who still loves ssx tricky! SIMs was also a huge part of growing up for me so im excited to test the combination of the two concepts – extreme sports and build your own skatepark. might be “cartoony” but i think that it pushes the boundaries of our creativity and allows us additional freedom.
      ive never tried skate3 but if its as good as everyone says it is ill definitely give it a shot. only downside is that its not available for wii :(


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