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Violent Running Tribe


I am finally starting to get caught up on all my pics from Formula Drift Irwindale and our One of One Showcase from this past weekend. Since Zach already covered our showcase for us while Yogi and I were working and covering the drifting, I have decided to showcase a couple of cars that literally made me look EVERYTIME I walked by them. This Violent Running Tribe 240 caught my attention an hour before the gates even opened to enter the Showcase. I was standing on top of Yogi’s truck taking in the scenery and  I see this red blur of badassness in the distance entering the parking lot and making it’s way over to our location. I literally stood there in awe admiring the awesomeness that was now parked 20 feet in front of me.

Slammed – Check
Flushness – Check
Driven – Check

WWJD (What Would Jesus Drift)? I’ll let you guys make the call…

26 Responses to Violent Running Tribe

  1. Roger

    this is so sick

  2. xBtony

    one of the baddest around

  3. Reign


  4. Frank

    Battle scars. Looks sick.

  5. haterone

    love the licence plate!!

  6. Getreal

    I like silvias and those wheels, but seriously the tires in the back is all wrong(it might as well be white-wall and do the low-rider thing), and all that negative camber is just going to prematurely fail the tires when you least expect it. And the tire rubbing is embarrasing as hell especially when you have a hot date. I’ve been there, done that. Not doin it again.

  7. Jhooks

    drifted and still good looking

  8. Steve

    should of bought a real hood


    WOW just WOW..I love the way the rear wheel is tucking.

  10. Jay

    Aaaaaaaaand now I want one even more

  11. Fly_Dreams

    Where is the specs on this hellaslammed s13? size, profile, offset, coilovers???

  12. marcosteez

    POS- check

  13. Jamil

    Attention all haters ! If you are just coming on this page to comment on a car that is meant for a sport you dont like . . . GTFO !! This car is as real as it gets. Try doing what they do then see if you can keep your “garage queen” looking so good anymore . RESPECT gets you places and HATING gets you NO WHERE !

  14. Man…this makes me miss owning my 240sx S14 I just sold couple weeks ago…

    http://www.itzjOw3.com Phen Club

    - Jowe

  15. It doesn’t have to look like shit just because it get’s driven. The Import Tuner cover car was at XDC this past weekend and it’s in the same condition it was on the cover. Battle scars are cool and all, but ill fitting panels and broken stuff just means you’re lazy. Take a day to un-ziptie your bumper, re-glass it and paint. It’s not that much work and the finished product is all the things mentioned above and “well kept”.

    Just personal preference I guess.

  16. Nismo Omori Factory

    The stance and wheel fitment is wicked.

    Love this style on a S Chassis.

    • Adrians_s13

      FYI, that’s NOT the same car… same aero, same wheels however…

      • Will

        You should check out that red s13 in benjamins link now. Even crazier. Its on the latest front cover of NZperformancecar mag


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