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Last Hoorah for the year but not really…

Every year SEMA happens, comes and goes but it’s usually the end of the year for many but not for this train!

Here’s my SEMA re-cap…
Too early of a flight, 545am, yuck!

Hello FORD, I want this new 4 door Ford SVT F150 Raptor, yeah boy!

Sean Smith on the left and Vaughn Gittin Jr. on the right…
Both built/designed fastback Mustangs Sean a 70 and JR a 69… Se below for their cars…

Here’s Vaughn Gittin Jr’s Need for Speed RTR-X, 69 Mustang, sick right?!?!

Here’s Sean designed Ring Bros 1970 Mustang…

Check out the Lincoln designed by James Bond of UNDEFEATED INC. the vehicles intent is to be an every day vehicle to work and back + up the mountain to the beach, schemed like a battleship, fresh…

Ford Out Front Test Track & Proving Grounds…

Here’s some of my homies I ram into and not ALL of my homies this blog would be way to long…
Mr. J Baye & I…

The Dingo & I…

Mr. JacobChills…

This is the announcer for drifting in South Africa, good dude. looking forward to getting to South Africa sooner than later!

Whole lotta smoking going on…

2 of my old homies Mr. Brian Scotto and Sir Ken Block…

I don’t know how this product didnt get nominated for PRODUCT OF THE SHOW!
TV Hat!!!

Good times and drinks were had at the one & only Double Down… If ya don’t know, ya don’t know…

Tagged up the already sticker covered walls with my stickers including right next to the Drift Alliance, anybody know them?!?!

The Best of the Best Scion Tuner Challenge had the homie John P in it, I say he got robbed, his car was sick!!!!
Plus INCIPIO was on the car and the custom Alpinestars suit should’ve sealed the deal!

This car got 1st place, I gotta say I love this tC seems like someting Id drive for sure, the color, the smoking chair leather interior is fresh, man tough choice!

A Lincoln after my own heart!

The show floor was crowded!

Clean Vette, my boy C. Frye would LOVE this car!

Love the new Land Cruiser and if it’s all equipped, EVEN BETTER!

Hoon + Hooligan = HOONIGAN

Same wheels I have on my Armada but obvi, not that low!

Nice finish on the wheels… Antifreeze green is the color…

Love E30 M3’s, Deutsch Fresh!

TOP GEAR USA preview, Tanner’s a great driver, good personality, Adam the comedian cusses a lot, Rutledge is pretty damn funny, charismatic and sincere, atta boy fellas. Top Gear USA will be it’s own deal, using TOP GEAR UK as a guideline but not that RULE!

Bumblebee was there!

More old homies!
Rusty (old SD neighbor), Bucky Lasek (yeah that Bucky) & Jeremy Baye (Homie forever)

This car is ill on so many levels, MBZ 190 with SLR engine and forged scaled up wheels of the OEM version!

ICON FJ in white, LOVE these things!

Stood next to this car and guy said “Nice Build” I respond “Thanks”…
Wouldve taken longer if I explained or I assumed he liked my physical physic, so I thanked him hahaha

Rally Porsche throwback, solid…

Another Ring Bros Mustang…

Like the cage build…

Jesse Rooke built 3 wheeled weirdness…

Land Rover Defender! Love em, man I really like off road utilitarian vehicles, I gott get me an off road whip!

Aria is a super nice hotel…

Sam (the good looking fella in the middle) took us to a SUPER nice dinner at Mastro’s in Aria, thanks Sam!

Seafood tower, WOW!!!!

Filet mignon and Chilean sea bass, split with Chris Forsberg…

Chris has never had Chilean Sea Bass once he had it his response was…..
DAT BASS!!!!!!

Need for Speed showing off the PS3 they’re going to be sending me shortly!!!!! *WINK*

Love Mike Kojima’s shirt! NERD ALLIANCE based off the Drift Alliance tee & logo, I’ve called him a nerd on camera I’m assuming that was embraced and honored in this tee AWESOME!
You guys BETTER sell those shirts at

This is MONSTER, he currently holds the record climbing Pike’s Peak peep it here….
He’s a BIG Japense dude hence the name MONSTER!

My old TMR homie CHUX & his new wife, congrats kids!!!!

Caught a ride to the airport in this MUSTANG RTR, I’d whip this thing around NBD No Big Deal!

Peace out Vegas, I caught this dudes feet who was running around Vegas with a helmet & camera mounted like a Spike Jonze or quirky video, I’m sure we’ll see it somewhere until than peace out..

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  1. 08/11/2010 at 9:59 am

    Very Cool, Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jhooks
    08/11/2010 at 8:26 pm

    always doing it big

  3. Stephen Lapinski
    09/11/2010 at 4:49 am

    The DINGO!!!!

  4. EUR0
    09/11/2010 at 6:39 pm

    thats not an M3 bro….

    its got back doors.

  5. 10/11/2010 at 3:08 am

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