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If you follow the Wrong Fitment Crew, you may have seen the infamous shot of this beautiful 2006 STi from Team STFU floating around the web. If not, then you may have seen it in person at Stance of the Union this year in Sacramento, California. Well, since then I have received many requests to shoot and feature this car. So earlier this week I got together with my close friend and owner Tony Dau and resident photographer Connor Surdi to present this beauty exclusively to our Fatlace readers worldwide. Check it.

ARC CF hood scoop
V-Limited replica lip
OEM WRX side skirts
JDM front aero guard
JDM window visor
Mature rear diffuser
Wingless trunk
04-05 tail lights
Benen rear tow hook
Hella Supertones

Stance AL+Pro coilovers
CarLab X-Brace
Whiteline f/r adjustable endlinks
Whiteline 27mm front sway bar
IPD 29mm rear sway bar

Work Emotion XD-9 18×10 +18 (custom white)
Dunlop Direzza 225/40R18
Project Kics R40 Neo Chro lug nuts
Camber specs: -3.2 front / -3.9 rear

Blouch Dom 3.0 turbo
COBB AccessPORT v2
MPS Dom tune
MPS custom intake
Perrin Stealth FMIC
EDO catless downpipe
Tanabe Medallion Concept G Blue

26 Responses to Team STFU STi

  1. Josh

    nicely done Impreza

  2. Bigjoe

    Looks weird for an impreza to be have so much camber and poke…Looks good at standstill but definitely not a looker in moving shots

  3. Spencerk

    do you go to cascadia community college

  4. suwoop

    +18 is too much… and the 225/40 look nasty on the wheels… too much camber and not low enough…

    • OH DayuM

      A car doesn’t have to be hellalow to be hellaflush. ride height and wheel fitment is perfect. Washington roads are really bad.

    • G.Behrens

      SO clean…..whats the camber on front and rear? bet you it cant get off the line though…….keep spinning that rubber for DAYS

  5. ilvtofu

    Hoodscoop looks 100x worse than stock
    From the front quarter view rear camber is definitely too much.

  6. Samgelinas

    Oh shit, love it!

  7. i like girls yoooooo

    i luv this car everytime i see it drive by i breakk my fuckin neck helllllllllaaaaaauuuhhhhhhhh cleeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

  8. i like girls yoooooo

    super duper clean i see u at pochis son

  9. tacklebox

    happy for your tony A.K.A. Cup Cake Kid keeping it real for the the big NW….thats how we do….

  10. brennan

    “+18 is too much… and the 225/40 look nasty on the wheels… too much camber and not low enough…”
    “Looks weird for an impreza to be have so much camber and poke…Looks good at standstill but definitely not a looker in moving shots”
    why are you even on hellaflush.com?

    • Bigjoe

      @ brenman…..you take it easy there buddy. Does every man like the same kind of woman? I didn’t think so….so no need for anymore explanation for you.

      Everything’s that’s “flush” isn’t the shit for everyone

  11. Qwaffe

    Impressive impeza! Love stanced imprezas :D

  12. animator480

    I love this car, the scoop, stance, color, wheels. its just a sick ride. and to all you hatas, go hate elsewhere aight.

  13. AdoboBro

    PNW reppin!! Should’ve shot Nick Wolf’s STI too.. and Title it “Team STFU STi Twins”

  14. Zach

    ^ Only if Nick still had his Works =/ haha

  15. Nate

    What the heck is going on with hood I just noticed it now it bothers me…

  16. Joshua

    Car is AMAZING! Mad original. Over here in NY, closest thing we have to hellaflush is an old pontiac with blown suspension and 4 fat ppl steppin out! HAHA Hope the scene picks up here sometime soon!

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  18. not a huge fan of wrb, but this car is gorgeous! thumbs up to you sir…


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