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I received a sample sale invitation, like I do everyday, but this one was from a designer I have some history with.  I decided to pay attention and actually take note of the event.  I was going to be in Malibu that a.m. and thought I would stop by on my way back in to Hollywood.  I looked up the address on my Iphone which led me to this Beverly Hills mansion, not a usual spot for a sample sale.  –  Just the opportunity to see inside the house was worth the adventure.

Immediately, as I walked in, I was greeted by the butler  –  actually he didn’t say much.  Even the millionaires and billionaires have cut backs in this recession.

There were several designers at this amazing home, not only to a make a sale, but each gathered together for a cause.  To save a furry friends.

Cleobella wallets and accessories hand made n Bali.  I really liked the fake passport look book.

My designer friend, Nola Singer, re-creates unique pieces from vintage jewelry and hardware.  Definitely worth checking out.

The coveted Chanel piece.  I keep looking for the right Chanel item.  Either it’s not quite right, or its too much of a dent in the pocketbook.  This one was above my budget, but stunning!!

Nola modeling the “Melissa” head piece.  An idea I inspired her to create when I was styling a bride.  Too bad I needed this a year ago.  It is exactly what I wanted.

I picked up a few LNA T shirts to add to my daily uniform of jeans and a V neck T.

More Cleobella bags.

Rob’s happily waiting in his Supreme sweatshirt with his phone.  There is nothing else he needs to survive.

I promise this isn’t a Sarah Mclachlan commercial even though this face can make anyone cry.  This little buddy was ready for adoption.  I hope he found a awesome home.  Looks like he deserves it.

Is the Chihuahua loved more?  He has a sweater?

Wether it is Animal Advocates Alliance or not – always fight and love our furry friends.  I am in love with mine.

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Melissa Meister - Entrepreneur always reinventing herself.
Melissa Meister has lived in Hollywood CA. for 20 years. Began as a Wilhelmina Model and professional commercial actress. Seen in Madonna and Michael Jackson videos. Next, Melissa designed and created MeisterCouture, a young designer apparel line sold in Fred Segal.
Naturally she morphed into a personal stylist to all your favorite stars (Kevin Garnett, Serena Williams) and then was successfully inducted
into the Costume Designers Guild. Recognized for movies such as Sherlock Holmes and Arthur. Now, instinctively directing and producing pop culture celebrities (Kim Kardashian, Ron Artest) for This is Melissa's first attempt at blogging. Who know's what she will do next.


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    good stuff Melissa