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Happy Holi – wood

Somewhere hidden deep in he Hollywood hills lies an old house filled with wondrous treasures of Christmas – gathered from exotic places all over the world.

In this home, for Christmas, there are 50 different themed Christmas trees and little villages strategically placed throughout every nook.

Starting in September, two dedicated men begin crafting their own personal wonderland.  This year they even decorated it with an Episcopalian priest.  I like the vestment he chose tonight.

My favorite tree is the Nutcracker.  The ballerina dances and twirls while the music plays.  I like this ballet much better than Black Swan.

This is the Pride tree.  Ken in his swanky red sequin mermaid get up, rainbow garland, and a pride windsock.

Trying to capture the spirit and detail inside this holiday palace is impossible.  It is a must see, but only few are privileged.  Not even Santa’s home has this much Christmas.

These are the two great distinguished men who dedicate their time to spread joy to all they love.  September through March is committed to the celebration of baby Jesus.  Yes, it takes 3 month to break down this set.

A map in the upstairs den points out all of the cities traveled over the years.  Most of these holiday trinkets were collected and carefully brought back to display at the holiday gala.  Each year the guests look for the “new piece” that was brought in from a distance place that only most can dream of going to.

Even the palm trees at the lavish 40’s style pool say Happy Holi-wood.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight.

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