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Clean Green Aussie Machine

Brisbane Australia’s Anthony D. sent us photos of his clean S14. There’s a lot of attention to detail here. I really like how the fenders flare out. Not to mention the nice build! Cool ride inside and out.




HKS EVC4 boost controller
Power FC D-Jetro
CP forged pistons
Eagle forged rods
S13 JUN camshafts (VCT removed), INTAKE 264degree / 11.5mm lift, EXHAUST 272degree / 11.5mm lift
JUN heavy duty valve springs
HKS adjustable cam gears
Tomei Rocker Stopper Kit
Ported, polished head
Cometic 1.2mm head gasket
Trust sump
S14 SR20DE throttle body
ARP head stud kit, ARP rod bolts
Garrett GT30 ball bearing turbo
6boost high mount exhaust manifold
3.5in dump pipe, 3in exhaust
Trust 45mm external wastegate with screamer pipe
Sard 850cc injectors
Walbro in-tank pump feeding 2 liter surge tank
Bosch 044 external fuel pump, braided fuel lines
5 puck ceramic clutch

Front: Cusco coilovers (10kg)
Rear: JIC coilovers (8kg), adjustable toe & camber arms
Cusco strut braces front & rear

Front: SSR SP1 18×9.5 -0, Kumho 225/40/18
Rear: SSR SP1 18×10.5 +5 Kumho 235/40/18

JDM S14 front bar, rear bar, sideskirts. Origin Carbon rear trunk lip. Hand flared fenders front and rear. Custom green paint.

Plans for the future include a stripped and painted interior with the addition of a pair of Bride Gias seats and Cusco half-cage

Currently making 400hp @ the wheels on 22psi.

13 Responses to Clean Green Aussie Machine

  1. Adam Wangan Meet Crew

    awesome S14 :D

  2. Craig

    Damn nice man, but fix up the frint bar on the drivers side that jumped out at me straightaway :)

  3. Jhooks

    looks perfect!

  4. Reichy

    good to see this on here, alot of good aussie cars should be coming through soon.

  5. Methane

    Looks like this guy.. Minus the wheels

  6. Methane

    Looks like this guy.. Minus the wheelshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXB6uCwochk

  7. Congrats Ant. Look Bad Ass man!

  8. scibo

    Aust represent!!

    Awsome looking car , congrats man

  9. Rob-Zee

    i think this might be the cleanest s14 i have ever seen other than mickeys from mayday

  10. Whitebwoy213

    Nice to see some Aussies in the scene. The ride is absolutely sick. Badass build. I love it m8.

  11. Looks a bit similar to a s14 from Sweden.. Or what to you dudes think?

    • Max

      The one in the pics is a Kouki (S14a), whereas the one in the video looks like a Zenki

  12. angel

    personally i hate the color, it would look beter white or red. but every thing else looks realy nice :)


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