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Illest LA Grand Opening


After a long night with our very special guest Del. I went home to catch some -_-zzzZZZZ to get ready for the big day.

So I arrived bright and early and caught a line covering half of 2nd street.

the line was LONG!

these 3 guys were the first 3rd guys in line, Arriving at 6PM yesterday!  Now thats dedication

Vince one of new employees turning and breaking necks w/ his sick old school toyota pick up

Nimo and his brigade  not to far behind arriving 6AM

Local PD keeping an eye out.

Keychain from ItsJDMyo

Line around the block

The crew setting up

Illest showroom

Mr. Kimura w/ Mark & Felix.

After a long 55 years in business Mr Kimura and his family closed down shop this past summer. So we’re glad and honored to take over the shop and its long history.

Kimura and his family gifted us with a awesome and very tasty cake for our grand opening.

Om Nom Nom

Isabel (Far right) and some of our customers who waited in line for 4 hours.

4 hours past by since we opened the doors to the public.

The line was still around the corner!

It was a hectic and busy day but it went so well.
Thank you everyone for being so patient.
It was a Great turn out. We couldnt of asked for more.

Hope to see everyone soon.
goonight from illest LA
316 e 2nd st.
los angeles ca 90012

18 Responses to Illest LA Grand Opening

  1. Jay

    Congrats on a successful opening guys !

  2. kenny

    dope photos yogi, great turnout, so exciting! best of luck with everything man

  3. unco

    can i come back and exchange a shirt? got the wrong size

  4. damn i wish i was in LA. i would prob be an hour earlier than those 3 guys. =D

  5. Beautiful photos Yogi, congrats !

    What was the shop before ?

  6. Great photos & coverage Yogi! Thanks for the “VIP” treatment!

  7. Those 6 hours or so hours of waiting was still fun tho, hanging out with the HOODRATS! haha congrats on the success Fatlace! Sorry about the cake incident again -___-

  8. Pingback: Illest LA Grand Opening « Little Fluffy Duck

  9. i need it up online please …

  10. Alexis

    Amazing pictures :) Will more be posted ?

  11. Anthony S

    Thats me in the 5th pic!
    Standing by in front of the tree, getting tired from standing for 7 hours haha.

  12. Congrats! Can’t wait to visit the store.

  13. aem

    please put the la shirt online!! was gona stop and visit but after work and school i just wanted to go rest lol

  14. wouldntyouliketoknow

    I give this hype shit a year and then comes eviction….There gonna need more than that to keep the lights on…bunch of ducks”followers and no leader”


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