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Life’s short… Sometimes we live as though there is no end…

My good friend showed me this video the other day and I was moved…
Being a dad, husband, son, brother, believer, lover, friend, acquaintance and stranger I just think life is short, it’s cliche yes but I must say take advantage of the days we have for you never know when your “day” comes…

I love my life, I love who I’m surrounded by, I love what I do…
This is a major reason why I blog I do NOT want to BRAG on what I do, how I live, what I get for “free” but share and relish in the blessings I have.
Because YOU have an opportunity to do the same, starting RIGHT NOW!

Watch the video, it’s awesome!
This video just gives me a feeling of happiness and responsibilitiy to smile more even more than I do now!

Screen shot 2011-01-13 at 11.00.24 AM
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