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Road Trip!

My last blog I was really bumming about not having any adventures and not much to do in this cold weather so I did something about it. Aaron Losey who runs Fabricated Motorsports drift events at Minerall Wells in Texas mentioned in the past, that he would help with travel costs if I ever wanted to come to one of his events. I got in touch with him and boom! a day later I’m planning an adventure to Texas. The event is going to be a big 2 day event with the first day consisting of a Clinic being taught by Tony Angelo and myself and the following day is going to be filled with a ton of tandem, hanging out with new friends, and some BBQ. I’m expecting nothing but the best BBQ I have ever had from Texas, so don’t disappoint! Going to be a ton of fun. I am finally getting the chance to drive my personal S13. I haven’t really driven it since I shot the “Off Seasons” video. It has changed quite a bit since then. She now has a 1jz with a Precision turbo and a heck of a lot more power than my SR. Should be fun.

Before the snow fell in NH I prepped the car and made sure it did some burnouts.


Here’s the Flyer for the event and the link to the event. EVENT INFO

Once some friends heard about the trip they wanted to hop in for the ride. Tengkou Djan the newest Drift Alliance Ace is flying into NY from Malaysia for the trip. I haven’t meant Tenkou yet but I heard he is a great dude and kills it on the track. My other buddy Bjones is flying into NY from being on a vacation all over the world. Last I talked to him he had been in about 5 different countries in a matter of 2 weeks. When Bjones heard about the trip he decided he was going to fly from Sweden and come along for this adventure on his last week of vacation. I love it. It’s been a while since I have been on a good road trip with some really good people.

We are loading up my dad’s diesel pickup, putting the cars on the two car trailer, loading our motorcycles in the bed, putting my bike somewhere in the mix and if all goes well we should be leaving on the 7th of Feb. Our first stop is Nashville Tennessee for a night or day. Anybody know some good outdoor skateparks in Nashville? Hit me up on my Facebook.

Hit up my Twitter and follow all the craziness of the trip.

Here is a fitting song. Hot Water Music- Freightliner


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  1. 25/01/2011 at 1:27 pm

    jealous. should be a blast

  2. Hector
    26/01/2011 at 2:48 pm

    Freaking awesome! I am one of the people participating in this drift clinic. I can’t wait until you guys come down here!