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Silver Surfer Z

Brad Elder from Washington who shoots for us sends these super clean 350z images. Owned by Zach Dunn, this Z isn’t just wheels, suspension, a lip and a small rear wing. What makes this Z different is the 520HP Twin Turbo monster hidden inside. Good looks and power to match.

Greddy Twin Turbo Kit, Greddy FMIC
Blue Printed and Balanced Block
CP Pistons, Ported Heads, Carrera Valve Train
HKS F-Con ECU, Greddy E-01 Boost Controller
ATS Triple Plate Clutch, APS Exhaust

Tein Flex w/edfc, Hotchkiss sway bars
Tein Adjustable arms

Work Meister S1
F19x9.5 -1 R19x10.5 -2 (w/spacers)
F 245/35 R 275/30

CF Roof wing
Nismo Lip

17 Responses to Silver Surfer Z

  1. Andre H.

    Hell yeah! Repping WA

  2. Z-Monster

    haha looks like my Z except I have gold Volk SF Winnings and not quite flush yet.

    Very nice clean WA car, way to rep the NW man!

  3. zach

    lol thanks man…unfortunately brad and i just talked over the phone while i was driving, and some info was miscommunicated. my front wheels def. aren’t 7.5s lololol the changes to the info should be added soon. they’re 9.5 and 10.5 offset -1 and -2.

    thanks mark for featuring my Z, and big thanks to brad for the shots!

  4. James

    This Z and more importantly the owner deserves this feature. Congrats Zach, and word up to brad for the clean photos. Beast Mode Z should be the title ; )

  5. Jhooks

    awesome Z! I bet it goes hard!

  6. Nice work Zach, nice pics Brad.

  7. that one guy

    Viper Sniper wut

  8. themuzeR

    not feeling the silver….im sure its fast, but its ugly

  9. Z-Monster

    what’s wrong with silver? Thats a pretty safe color in my books.

  10. themuzeR

    it just doesnt appeal with the polished lips and the black front lip. to each his own. however, it IS pushing 500 horses.

  11. sleepy brown

    sorry clean Z for the most part…..but 350z cant be monsters….twin turbo’d or twincharge or turbo,sc,and a 500 shot.

  12. 609z33

    Yo man, sick z. I have a silver 03 touring very simular to your, well lookswise. I was wondering what kind of camber your running. I was set on the same diameter and width with 0 offset all around, but not trying to run tons of camber. Will yours tuck if you were mad low or would it just be rim to fender? Shine some light on a fellow z driver, zach. Again great car, and I couldn’t imagine what its like to drive that beast

  13. zach

    sleepy brown…I dunno what that even means.

    609z33 – my camber is -3 up front and -4 out back. lol but I’m not really running stretch, so if you wanted to run less camber, you’d need to run smaller tires.

  14. 609z33

    Cool man. Thanks. Does that thing have any problems hooking up? I effing love your z! The shot with the flashes in it is just amazing. Think I got goosebumps the first time I saw it.

  15. zach

    haha thanks dude. yeah it def. has traction issues, it’ll spin 4th. o_O granted the 4* of camber doesn’t help that at all. lol

  16. andy nguyen

    i was wondering what spacers you are running? specs as well as the brand. thanks.


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