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Tattoos, burgers, beers, bros, my babe & Canteen in Tempe, AZ

Jan 2nd is one of my best friends birthday so I bought/stoked him with a tattoo sesh with the one & only Andrick Aviles, 19 years young, talented beyond his years, chck his TUMBLR and book an appointment asap… I selfishly caught some ink too…

Nic caught the classic Chargers logo on his forearm, there might not be a post season for the Bolts but it’ll always be GAME DAY on Nic’s arm!

I caught an anchor on my bicep (not forearm didn’t wanna look like Popeye) it has a cross worked into symobilizing my anchor in Him…

Birthday meal post tattoo sesh, The Grind AZ, slammin burgers, Nic had never been, reccomended for sure!

For his bday, he/we caught free donuts, oh man! So goooodddd!

Nic’s bday party was at night at a new spot on Mill Ave, our friend Julian just opened it up and it’s a nice change for the Mill Ave crowd… CANTEEN MODERN TEQUILA BAR
Canteen offers obviously a KILLER selection of tequilas, but also good beers, booze and the food is slammin’ they have chefs not cooks, so I reccomend it…

I wasn’t super hungry so wifey and I ordered the steak tacos & shrimp tacos backed up with a bowl of soup…

Washed down with a blu agave margarita for wifey & a Paloma for myself, lil grapefruit juice kind of deal, was nice and mellow not too sweet…

Ambience is nice, approachable, modern organic kind of feel, huge back patio, music systems solid and the bar section a little tight but feels about right!
Gonna be a great place for summer and of course year round!
Here’s the bar area

Dining area

Poking fun at Nic’s birthday age, haha

Happy birthday buddy!
myself, Nic, Drew (us 3 are Chargers fans) & Justin (Cheifs fan=lame but I’ll let you enjoy it)

Nic & DJ Diesel…

Oh boy that horn was places where he shouldn’t have blown it, he blew it!

Late night Jimmy Johns sandwich was clutch…

Monday Fun Day caught some Pho with my homie Karl, he’s a Boston foodie and he’d never had Pho, dropped some knowledge on him….

Ended it with a Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ WILD Ale, slammin!!!!!!!!
Watched “Exit Through the Gift Shop” finally & also Jean Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child, inspired to make art now!

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