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U wash my doggie

Here in Hollywood dog life is pretty amazing.  Especially if your owner likes dogs more than people – you can have an amazing life!  Well, I qualify as one of those dog owners that is crazy in love with their babies – or I mean doggies!!   At Lake Hollywood dog park, descending from the Hollywood sign, is a special leash free spot.  Make sure you Foursquare when you are there to get “dog’s best friend” badge.

Just before entering the park – Stevie and Sophie scope out the park like a club – deciding who they want to meet and what dogs they want to stay far away from.

Just by stepping foot on to the grass, Stevie is plotting to see what treats she can steal…….

……and Sophie is nearing manic behavior.

After a roll in the grass and some unmentionable smells – we decide to stop into Tailwaggers as we come down Beachwood Canyon.   Doggie self wash!  Even though Stevie isn’t washing her self  it’s an amazing idea.  I wish someone would wash me.

Stevie is happy cause she’s too aloof to know what is coming next and I am happy with the pink  Bape camo apron.

All of the materials are laid out an supplied for you for the best experience. I am not quite sure what that pink thing is for?

Maybe Stevie isn’t so happy now – but she will be.  Cleaning out your personal dirt isn’t never fun, but watching it go down the drain and off your back is.  Say good-bye to the ugly.

Warm air is always good.  I can see the relief already.

Little Sophie goes to a private groomer – Unlce Allan Roston – but she feels Stevie looks good enough now to pose in a photo for the blog.  Stevie might even look a little better than Soph right now!

Good behavior always gets rewarded.  Sooooo  much good stuff to choose from.

Who hasn’t Swarovski collaborated with?  Woof.

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