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Vintage Auto Pt. 2 of 4

Part 1 if you missed it.

Recently I made the trek out to visit Vintage Auto and although I’d like to put it all on one post, I’m going to divide it into 4. A car feature, the main facility, Garage 1 and Garage 2. Yes, it’s that big. And whats great about it is that you’ll never see anything like it ever again in your life if you visit. The amount of vintage cars in one facility is amazing. They can hold their own car show if they wanted with the cars they had for sale. Imagine what their outside lot must look like as this is only their for sale lot.

A view of their main showroom. Not so vintage cars parked in front but when you enter..

You’re greeted with flowers. Vintage Auto just re-opened this awesome facility the day before so there were tons of best wishes from many people.

Cool rug.

4 Door Skyline GTR!

S20. Nothing more needs to be said but… This one has a carbon hood and is a bit fixed up.

Woo.. 2 Door GTR. Just looking at the horizon in the showroom, I already started to get dizzy. I couldnt tell if these were GT2000′s or GTR’s. Most had S20′s but some didnt.

I turn around and see a fairlady.

Not another GTR… No, this time its a GT2000, but this one is special.

Nice frame support bars. These bars were everywhere inside the car. Behind the rear seat as well.

Super clean underneath. Noah’s loving it.

Lets change it up a bit.. How bout this a 2000GT Toyota. Probably thee first collectible Japanese sports car. These go for around 350k – up. I forget what they were asking for this one but it wasnt cheap.

Lets check out this Red Nissan Skyline GT-R. Yes, that’s 8,400,000 yen. (90k USD)

Ok, enough.. these were some of the cars downstairs in the showroom. Lets take a look at whats upstairs.

I’m not sure what this is but it’s a Datsun and it was built a long time ago.

Would love to have one of these.

More rare cars.

Another Skyline was upstairs with no price tag. It was the owner of Vintage’s for his personal collection.

There were more cars upstairs, just click on the gallery below but check out all these cool parts for a Skyline. I know I found something in the pile but NONE OF IT IS FOR SALE! All these parts are available to customers who have purchased a car here. It’s just incase something falls off, you can just come here and get it replaced. Cool.

Part 3 coming soon….

7 Responses to Vintage Auto Pt. 2 of 4

  1. azerty

    Amazing collection of cars

  2. kodi

    um……………………………………………………… WOW.

  3. Jhooks

    incredible! amazing! awesome!

  4. seventhskyline

    Go the Z50A minitrail!

  5. Glad to find that kind of post at here!! Thanks for posting these awesome cars


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