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Winter Wonderland

Word on CNN is that my second home is due for another heavy round of snowfall this weekend. I’m a little bummed to be missing it, but I think 22″ the first time around was enough to satisfy my desire for snow for the next 12 months. As beautiful as a winter wonderland may be, it’s only fun when you’re not stuck in an airport and can go back inside to (soy) hot chocolate and movie marathons with your besties.

On the other hand, last month’s snowstorm came right after Christmas and was perfect for some extended holiday cheer. LA is stuck in perpetual youth not only because of plastic surgery, but also the timeless seasons. No one ever looks like they’re getting older and even when time flies, it stands still. (FYI: the Rockefeller tree is tremendously underwhelming. Go for the cute ice skating rink and yummy eats around every corner.)

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