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Brian Nguyen’s M3 on Rotiform SJC

Spent a day in the life with Mr Nguyen & his M3.  He is the first E46 M3 to be rocking these Rotiforms! Ah they are sexy, I almost want a set for my car :)  So we  found this pretty ill industrial spot and decided to get some pictures. I wanted to experiment with my D3s & glidecam, so I made a video as an extra. After the shoot we headed downtown for some grounded filet mignion bacon cheeseburgers.. lolll :)


21 Responses to Brian Nguyen’s M3 on Rotiform SJC

  1. Brian Nguyen

    Thanks goes to Rodolfo Lamaestra @ emortal.co. Everything came out great man. Props.

  2. drew

    The video is horrible. Like a bad music video with too much graphic overlays. Nice car though.

    • Sorry I couldn’t please you.. lol

      But keep in mind my focus on the feature are the photographs. The video was thrown in as just an extra.

      This was my first time experimenting with car videos, I mainly do music events like Steve Aoki: http://vimeo.com/19224667

      I have a Glidecam4000, but it wasn’t fully balanced when I shot this footy. But since this video wasn’t anything serious and meant to be an extra-type thing — I said oh well, I’ll shoot anyways. I wanted to experiment.. mainly.

      Soon I will fully balance my Glidecam
      and invest in some rigs and a dolly. I also plan to make future videos that are light on the graphics. So who knows.. maybe next time around, you’ll have different feedback :)

  3. Jhooks

    awesome wheels and car… nice short vid!

  4. Mic

    the video hurt my eyes, but the pictures soothed the fire:)

  5. Ken

    Why so late on this feature? Two other sites have featured this car with full specs months ago. The car is clean non the less.

    • Brian Nguyen

      We actually did the shoot and video a while ago but we wanted to post it when the video was finished

  6. Pingback: [Vídeo] Avance: Brian Nguyen | M3 on Rotiforms | Konzept:Euro Corporation

  7. Dookie!

    M3 and skrillex goes so well!!! ha that thing is beautiful.

  8. erk10

    omg! car looks sick. period.

  9. hellafail hawaiian

    loves me some skrillex

  10. Marshall

    Favorite car i’ve seen on here i love it

  11. Nunski

    Yeaaah… M3+Rotiforms+Skrillex+Filet Mignion Burgers(?!) = O-face.

    Ill video bro. Haters be damned. Keep sharpening those glidecam skillz.

  12. Doug

    Super sweet car! Im wondering what Skrillex remix this is though?

  13. TomRich

    Um… Dubstep and a sick M3? And people are still complaining?? Good video man, and nice photo’s. Car looks sweet as a nut, and the SJC’s set it all off so well.


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