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Freezing balls & cream + D Sport magazine

The weather across the country is cold and I’m probably safe in saying that AZ has some of the nicest weather in the country right now but dang it’s cold…
Here’s our fountain frozen this morning…

This week and weekend in Arizona is the Waste Management Phoenix Open, good times, great people watching and usually good golf…

Well a few of my friends and I, thanks to Nic for the tickets rolled up there had drinks and DIDN’T watch golf well because it was too damn cold!
It was super cold, yes sunny, yes blue skies but BRISK!!!!!!!!!!!!
So the Pro/Am guys/gals didnt play, lame town!!!

Hence the freezing balls in more ways than one!

Here’s the crew…



Grass is green, skies blue & nobodys playing because it’s TOO COLD WAAA!

So here’s HOLE 16 aka The Most exciting hole on the PGA Tour, and loudest!
Check out the ampitheatre set up for real!

Technology in the trash world, they compact solars in this bin!

GET LOUD, Wait this is golf right?!?!?! Jersey Shore meets Golf Tournaments at the Waste Management Phoenix Open, haha

Who’s gonna win 2011?!?!?!
Possibly you?!?!?!

Birds Nest party, Doobie Bros were to play and did, BUT we left before they played because it was way too damn cold!

BUT on our way out to the car at the Patron booth we encountered THE BUMBYS
Who are The Bumbys?!?!?!
This is what their bio says: “Anonymous performance artists Gill & Jill Bumby provide “Fair and Honest Appraisals of Your Appearance” with nothing more than their typewriters and charming wit. It’s as simple as it sounds…”

Here they are doing their thing…

Here’s Gill Bumby…

Here’s his appraisal of me…

This is Jill, the girl Bumby’s appraisal of me…

Pretty funny & rad…

Last week my son & I had some dude time, dinner and a treat…
So I took him to this place I’d heard of but never been…

They freeze the ice cream using nitrogen right in front of you, like Cold Stone + Mr Wizard = Sub Zero, it rips!!!

Parker loved it and tasted great!

Got a package from the fellas at D Sport Magazine, thanks guys… Congrats on your 100th issue!


& a tee, thanks guys!

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