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Fresh from the Aloha State


Hawaii. What is there NOT to like about this island? You got Zippys, nice weather, awesome culture, beautiful scenery, and did I mention some of the freshest rides I have ever laid my eyes on? Oh yea, they have some pretty bad ass drifters from the Aloha State, but i’m sure we will get into that in some future posts. The FTLC crew made our way over from the Mainland this past Friday in preparation for our 2nd HellaFlush event being held at Aloha Stadium. We were greeted by heavy rain BUT 80 degree humid weather, it was awesome! Given that we left San Francisco during a cold front, it was great to get away from the chilly mornings and winds. We were praying that the weather held up for the weekend and I guess they got our calling. After some high clouds on Saturday morning, the sunshine peeked in throughout the day making for some pretty dope photographs. Hawaii loves their cars, just like the rest of us. But for some reason, they are on a WHOLE different level than what i’m used to seeing. Here, take a look…

I’m diggin these trucks. Definitely something I don’t see very much in Northern California.

This one is just crazy!

This truck could probably run over most of the cars in the show, literally. AW NUTS? Abbitt Wilkerson?

We had a good amount of Honda/Acuras in the show. This yellow Type R  had me drooling like a fat kid at Leonard’s Bakery.

Wouldn’t you love to have this pair of Accords in your garage?

Amazing pair!

Which set of SSRs do you prefer?

The VIP scene in Hawaii is straight up RIDICULOUS! I’m still speechless.

Here’s a few Euros that caught my eye. There weren’t many in attendance at the show.

I had to take multiple breaks from covering the event to assist in the FTLC booth. It was a cool experience, just like last year, because I got a chance to meet a lot of the locals and hang out for bit. The booth was definitely hectic was it was a lot fun.

Wes was our MC of the event while DJ Wish provided the beats and Phil 360 filmed the event. I’m sure all of you are waiting on his video. It should be EPIC, just like all of his previous videos.

I found myself becoming speechless a lot at our event. Can you blame me?

What would a HellaFlush event be without some dope 240s?

There were a handful of vintage cars but this Mango is just too clean! It earned a feature in Super Street so keep an eye out for it.

Coolers are overrated…

The fitment on this S2K is SO on point!

Being a Subaru owner myself, this STi ranks extremely high in my book. I love the WRB/White color combo.

If Knight Rider drove an import, this is what he would drive. So gangster!

Best of Show. FACT!

Here is the rest of my photo set. Too many awesome rides…

We ended the show with a pretty intense B-Boy battle. B-Boys of all ages represented and killed it!

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s it. A huge MAHALO to everyone that came out to this event and supported us. We will see you all soon!

All Photos in this post are available for download on my Flickr

32 Responses to Fresh from the Aloha State

  1. Sleepy Brown

    HI is wild, I need to make a move there :)

    But that lifted F150 is nothing, come to the south. Big trucks are the name of the game to rednecks…..trucks lifted 8 inches with semi tires and 22′s yessir….

    The little beefy red hardbody, DOPE, just loose the hood scoop less something dirtys up under that

    • Toepfer

      The reason I appreciate that ford more than most trucks in the south is because they all look pretty much the same. And that one utilized many nice parts for a different reason than many here. Most guy here get in the mud. And alot don’t. But that truck was designed to tackle the sand. And I think it looks dope.

  2. Jhooks

    awesome Andy! I got a super good feel for the event with your post!

  3. jason

    man of all of the pics….. i only got 1 1/2 pics.. i had the only evo at the show, maybe more flush for next time

  4. Jay

    That Black Supra is killing it ! Nice pics !

  5. Sleepy Wagon.

    Hella cute girl in HI! Damnnnn!

  6. tsukiko

    I’m in the picture of my friend’s white s13. rofl

  7. johnnyb123

    sick coverage, ispy my girlfriend and her bike lol

  8. Hawaii is killin’ it!!
    Love the coverage..that Supra and those Celsiors are awesome!

  9. Pingback: Little Fluffy Duck

  10. Ignited

    Damn! Hawaii is on point. Like a twilight episode where all of the import rides were magically ported from Japan. Then again didnt Signal Auto do a drift day in Hawaii back in like 2001?

  11. HNL2LAX

    gotta move back home so I can change my name to LAX2HNL… I miss the “aloha spirit”!

  12. Ron

    Awesome coverage Andy!

  13. Mr. Moons

    Looks like there’s a really cool minitruck scene over there. I’d like to see more o’ that stateside, fo sho!

  14. Nate

    in the pic with caption “Wouldn’t you love to have this pair of Accords in your garage?” there is a car with huge blue lips. WHY NO PICS???

  15. 4ringgurl

    The show this year was way better. Who won the euro division? Maybe next year my euro friends will enter they didn’t have a good 1st experience last year.

  16. kouki with bniv and cerberus is pretty cool

  17. Cliff

    Awesome coverage

  18. michael j quering aka dj wish

    Hawaii is honored to have you . Thank you for exposing us to your network .

  19. dear red truck….. thank you!

  20. Yuri

    Oh man the mini trucks bring back memories of when I lived in HI. After the first few pictures I thought I was in Waipahu!

  21. hey can you get more pictures on the red b2200 behind that rukus

  22. maurice burke

    sexxy blue 240 with no front bumper (:

  23. themuzeR

    that fucking ek hatch has left my jaw hanging

  24. in4m

    red hardbody has a VQ inside… all the way to the exhaust…. 350z interior too.

  25. HiSt8ofMind

    Haha not to surprised about those pickups, just about every guy I know back home loves thier yota’s.

  26. Alex

    WOW man some beautiful cars :’( haha

  27. Satria

    damn! pretty

  28. jake swann

    damn hawaii goes legit with it


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