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Honda Civic EK4

Well i was surfing on the net around the world i saw this Civic on the Honda Culture forum wich is located in the UK.

This Civic has 16×9 Schmidt Modern Lines  wheels on it wich are painted in custom blue.
With on the front ET25 195/40 Falken tyres and on the rear ET15 195/40 Toyo tyres rear

Im hoping that guys like those will come to Hellaflush UK because i think those cars belongs there!

Photocredit: Remedi

22 Responses to Honda Civic EK4

  1. nate

    Proper! Wheels?

    • Ben

      In the second line: 16×9 Schmidt Modern Lines.

    • jedrovsky

      “This Civic has 16×9 Schmidt Modern Lines wheels on it which are painted in custom blue.”
      Learn to read mate.

  2. Brian

    rims are Schmidt Revolution Modern Line

  3. MadMax

    Looks good but I liked it a bit more when it was on

    OZ Turbos

  4. Toepfer

    very nice car. I just wish there wasn’t so much after effect. I just want to see a pic of the car. Not what was done to it in photoshop

  5. Naoto Fiala

    Damn sexy ass EK4

  6. Rene Valadez

    Car’s stance is dope and clean overall but that’s an ek9 not an ek4….. ek4′s are only 96-98 sir n that one has 99-00 bumpers/front…. Still a nice car none the less!! :D

  7. Wrong!

    Ek4′s and Vti’s came in prefacelift and facelift models.

  8. Rene Valadez

    Meh you could be right i just figured since ek4′s are only sir and everything on this car is ctr ek9 but who cares none the less its good good stance n if ur right i learned something new :D

  9. P-lo!

    one of a kind!(:

  10. themuzeR

    usually not a fan of silver, but those wheels make it POP

    this car is tasteful- full interior, proper duckbill, rear wiper

    and thank god it doesnt have CTR headlights

  11. themuzeR

    and do i spy an evo XI in the background?!

  12. DN

    This is my car, so just wanted to say thanks for all the kind comments. It is an EK4 as it is UK spec.

    Thanks again :)

  13. This car is up on Civiclife and Honda Culture, guy who owns is a top bloke and there’s some real decent Civics out here in the UK you lot ought to have a look at

  14. Hey DN

    Very nice Civic. Do you wanna share the colorcode on the wheels?

    Greetings from Denmark

  15. DN

    Hey Henrik, not sure on the colour code but it looks very close to the Porsche blue

    Thanks for all the comments :)

  16. JDMxGURU

    I got some 16×7 wheels, with normal tires that go all the way to the edge of the wheel, how can i get tires with a litte less width, so i can stretch them and then drop my car????? i really need help, i dont want to drop my car first then deal with all the tires scraping the fenders!!!

  17. killer-cali

    shit looks awful


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