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New York City


Each time I come home from a trip to New York I am left with wonderful memories and new experiences. This last trip may have been the best yet as I traveled for both business and pleasure and was able to explore to really enjoy all that NY has to offer. There is truly no other city that’s like it and I selected some of my photography that I felt could showcase all of the sights, sounds, and vibe that makes up this amazing city.

I was selected by Lipton Brisk Iced Tea to take part of their “Brisk 25″ Influencer program. It was an honor to be even considered for this project alongside a special group of bloggers, creatives, and artists. Brisk has some big things in the works that included the Eminem spot during the Super Bowl.

This was one of my favorite shots as I walked through Chinatown in search of the a restaurant that my parents would bring me to as a kid. I spent the earlier years of my childhood in upstate New York and the 2-hour trek into the city would often result with a Chinese dinner. One day I plan on renting a car and visiting the towns that I grew up in to see how much its changed and how much I really do remember.

Times Square is full of vibrant colors and makes for a great backdrop for photos, but doesn’t truly represent the city.

Taxis are a staple of NY and are one of my favorite things to shoot with their big logos on the doors that really define where you are.

I arrived in the city right after one of the coldest days in the city’s history and right before a snowstorm. Celebrating my birthday in the snow was a great treat, despite leaving 80 degree weather in LA.

As always I had my good friend and fellow Fatlace blogger Jose as my tour guide. He was especially gracious on this trip and took a lot of time to hang out. Good times!

As many times as I’ve been to the city I’ve never really walked through Central Park. It’s almost surreal as you’re surrounded by both nature and in the distance large man made buildings.

I didn’t take a carriage ride, but it looked like fun.

Moments like this make it worth carrying the 7D at all times while traveling.

One of the many famous museums in the city, although I didn’t take the time to walk through the exhibits.

No city is quite like NY with the rich history. More on this building from the 1800′s later.

One of the highlights of the trip was my stay at the Ace Hotel (I stayed at 3 total hotels in my week long stay – Element and W were the other 2). The boutique venue was the happening spot and the food from the Breslin next door was delicious. But the best part was the party that Q-tip spun at…incredible.

Last day in NY consisted of a quick walk through Highline in the Meat Packing District. More photos can be found on jpangilinan.com as well as my Flickr.

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