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After a whirlwind of a week in NY, Neil and I flew to SF for a quick weekend gig/getaway. I wasn’t really able to properly celebrate my birthday in NY due to a work initiative, so the kind folks at Monaco Hotel helped us ring it in with some chocolates and champagne. Huge thanks to Fran and Brian for the sweet gesture and helping me discover my new favorite hotel in the city. If only Neil hadn’t eaten that entire box of Ghirardelli’s! ;)

We met up with the We Eating guys for a quick segment on an all natural Mediterranean spot. This led to Neil and I discussing doing a potential food blog… which we’ve been discussing for the past year now. Haha. Maybe one of these days.

Sorry for the crummy and lack of photos. We spent less than 48hrs total in the city, and half the time was with my family eating dimsum! I’m sure I’ll be back sooner rather than later; until then stay tuned for some flicks from NY and a road trip to DC!

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