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Slammed S13 Coupe

If you know me personally, you probably know that the s13 coupe is one of my favorite cars. Seeing slammed drift cars always breaks my neck. Before the term Hellaflush was coined, the flush and slammed, aggressive look was just a given part of drift styling. I give props to anyone who drifts, but drifting slammed with dope wheels is gangsta. Marc, who’s “That Works” car was featured a few weeks ago, recently send us these photos and video of his other drift machine.

Photo Credits: David Mojica and K. Montgomery


Built s15 bottom end with cp pistons, eagle rods, arp hardware, cometics head gasket in between a red top head with all the goodies, its rockin a gt2871r turbo, hks waste gate, screamer dump, 3” straight pipe exhaust, spec 3 clutch, 8 point custom cage, jic magic coils in the front and kts coils in the rear, bride vios low max seat on buddy club rails.


Wheels are 18×9.5+12 in the front and 18×10.5+0 rear. You can see it in Central Florida, at various events like cfrc and sfldrifters.com, reppin his crew {WE drift 321} out of Melbourne FL.



Here’s the vid

CFRC – Drifting 1-22-2011 from TurboMafia Productions on Vimeo.

26 Responses to Slammed S13 Coupe

  1. Mike

    Oh sweet jesus

  2. haterone

    i’m loving it!!!!! <3

  3. Josh

    Very nice post reign!

  4. Blain

    Sup with the wheels?

    Cars clean though..

  5. Smokey

    ^ Why you hatin for?

    • ASoberCaucasian

      fake wheels with volk stickers…

      No hate here…Fatlace and Hellaflush were the first to publicly say that fake wheels are a no-no.

  6. 1llest

    Someone is faking the funk.

  7. marc

    drift car…..

    slide wheels.

  8. Blain

    I’m not hating, I’m just curious why someone running Varrstoens, Te37 knocks offs (nothing against Varrstoen, Rich is a cool guy) but has Volk stickers on them….

    If these are drift spares then what’s he drifting on? and even if they were, why bother putting stickers on them and playing them off as authentic Volks?

    But I agree with ASoberCaucasian, it wasn’t that long ago that Fatlace posted about how running fake wheels was hurting the car scene.

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  10. Brian

    The Enkies are real. lol. Car is fresh but Blaine brings up a good point.

  11. Camel style

    To all tha haters! these wheels are like having a gurl with fake tits, yeah They may not be real but you would still jizz all over them! Just sayin at least I would

    • asobercaucasian

      yeah but putting authentic stickers on the fake wheels is like a lady-boy telling you he’s a chick…you’d jizz all over his fake tits and then throw up after you see his cack.

      Just sayin

      • Blain

        Sooooo perfectly true.

        As I said, who cares they are varrstoens, why are they being played off as Volks? When they clearly are not!

        The write up on the car seemed to leave out the wheel manufacture… weird?

        • Fatlace

          We never received the brand name and only found out after the post was made thru the comments.

  12. MaRc

    no faking the funk, if you look close enough and cross your eyes the stickers say “rolk vays” totally legit..

    look im the owner of this car and the brand was left out of the post because its obvious there not volk wheels..
    the wheels were bought used with the decals previously installed.
    they look good on the wheels there for i didnt take them off, in drifting shit gets fuked up. theres not 3k plus wheels on this car because its used and abused.
    i have several “REAL” sets of wheels in my shop and on my cars. but these wheels were left on the car for the shoot because thats whats used on the car along with the other 7 sets i use for its purpose.
    you guys get all bent about whats real and whats fake, whats real is owning tight cars that perform, cars that sit on the ground and have the look, aswell as kill 100mph 3rd gear corners.
    fake is crying and bitching about what stickers are where. theres replica shit everywhere, we all own something “fake” we all act fake at some point or another in every day life…
    so get the fuk over that bullshit and enjoy what we all come to sites like this to see, fukin tight cars slammed on the ground tuckin the round things we all love, fukin RIMS! “REAL or FAKE”

    • asobercaucasian

      LOL. I don’t think you get it, Marc. There was an article written bout fake wheels and authenticity. A lot of people got bent out of shape about that and, I hate to say it, extremely discouraged that their car was never going to be featured due to having fake wheels. I could care less, I have a set of reps and a set of DPEs but I thought it was funny how a car with fake wheels was featured. So I thought I would say something about it. As a matter of fact, two of my comments weren’t even posted…probably because no one wanted to be called out. No offense bro, your car is sick but at least take the damn stickers off…

    • madeyoulook

      MaRc – Not taking shots at you, before you get even more bent out of shape, read what people are saying. It doesn’t matter if you have “REAL” wheels, or “DRIFT” a 100mph. The fact is there was a pageful of debates about real/fake wheels on this site, brought up by non other than the guys at Hellaflush themselves. By telling people “fake” is crying about where your stickers are just shows how ignorant you are. It’s attitudes like this that gives this culture a bad name. You said, the stickers look good on and you didn’t feel like taking them off… this is by no means proper justification for rocking “replica” Volk stickers on replica Volk wheels. Do you think the people at Volk will shrug it off just because you drift and “shit gets fucked up”? What about all the other pro and amateur drifters who drift real wheels? It’s like a kid wearing fake Jordans and then justifying why they are fake because you play basketball in them and they get fucked up, so who cares if they’re fake? You don’t think the guys at Volk would be disappointed with this? Replica Volks with replica stickers? I don’t know wether it’s worse that the stickers are also fake or your excuses justifying why it’s ok and should be featured on this site.

      I think you need to sit back and think a bit before you keep replying with excuse after excuse.

  13. repentharlequin

    “theres replica shit everywhere, we all own something “fake” we all act fake at some point or another in every day life…”

    sorry brother, stop pointing fingers, i don’t own fake shit, ever.

    on the other hand, car looks great.

  14. marc

    well either way, by no means am i bent at all..
    i have two features on hellaflush/slammedsociety so to me thats awesome besides all the b.s.

    it just sucks that they had to deal with mad shit about one of my features, but i wasnt aware of that artical that was written about the wheel thing, and i never intended on missleading or “faking the funk”about the wheels. the make and model was just assumed i guess.

    my previous ” excuses” were just my attempt to try and have there back about the situation..
    if it wasnt for hellaflush/slammedsoceity/fatlace i wouldnt have gotten an import tuner cover shoot for my orange s13..
    so for that, not matter what im thankful.
    besides the obvious, thanks for all the props on my cars.

  15. Brian

    The car is dope. No one is denying that. Wheels don’t look bad. The fact that they’re replicas in itself isn’t a huge deal. It’s the faking the funk that people don’t like. It’s also the fact that this site personally ushered in the f*ck your fake wheels movement, which has a whole bunch of people spending money the don’t have for wheels they can’t afford in hopes of getting validated on a site that has had a huge influence in this car culture. It’s not neccessarily right, but like or not, hellaflush and fatlace have helped usher in a movement and to blatantly go against something that they started is a slap in the face to the scene. A admittance of being wrong and an apology would go a long way; much further than “it’s not a big deal stop crying about it”. That’s just my $.02.
    That said, people make mistakes. I don’t know if it was intentional or not and I honestly wouldn’t have known had I not been told. But I completely understand why it caused an uproar.

  16. Juan

    Any idea on wheel size

  17. MaRc

    Front: 225/35/18

    rear: 255/35/18


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