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STI Slide

While being a huge fan of drifting I’ve always enjoyed seeing the odd ball car getting sideways too. This is one of those cases. Walker Wilkerson sent me this last night, and it really caught my eye. Scroll down to see some more info on the car and owner.

Some info from the owner -
-bc racing coilovers 8k/10k
-sparco 345 steering wheel
-2 1/2 inch shift extender
-modded e brake lever to keep unlocked when needed
-project mu HC Titan Kai brake pads
-2 work cr kai’s for drift spares
-cusco type rs 2 way lsd
-watanabe service drift center differential
-front axles taken apart, stubs were left in the knuckles and the tranny.
-38mm ichiba v2 wheels spacers all around

No excuses here, but for the record, the GR chassis of sti is really difficult to drift. i had roland gallagher, drive a lap around pgp in it and man….. even he stated that if you can drift this car, you can drift any car. the 08+ models have a steering quickener, so from full lock to full lock, the steering wheel doesn’t even spin much, having to make super fast hand movements or else you’re gonna spin or grip. Roland even said that drifting this is nothing like drifting any s-chassis, it’s much more difficult. The steering rack, the geometry of the suspension points, and throttle response made it a bumpy road to drifting, but that didn’t stop me, the rest of the event, i was working with it and worked it hard, i loved it and had a blast! :D a couple more events, and everything will be just dandy. :)

i’d like to thank:
my girlfriend for putting up with my countless hours of me being away at work all the time to work for this car, and also all of her support towards doing the things i love.
Ray at garage autohero, roland gallagher, walker wilkerson for this opportunity, rachelle cancio, brett nutt, and everyone else that supported me along the way, and anyone that’s given me a compliment, or hated on me, you helped me push along the way. thanks everyone. best part is, it doesn’t stop here. :)

8 Responses to STI Slide

  1. jedrovsky

    helmet required for awesomeness.

  2. Mr. Moons

    RWD conversion?

  3. added some more pics and info for everyone!

  4. Thanks for posting my photos guys! This car is amazing haha

  5. mattm

    No shout out to the guy who’s been out with ya in the middle of the night gettin your driftin down? :(

  6. Brad.

    Car looked good getting sideways @ PGP. Nothing even close was out there. +1 on being original, even if it’s a challenge.

  7. Frank

    …and another perfect car…just to remind me that I don’t have one…

  8. Alexx

    NiiiiiiiCE! this subie looks amazing !! always remember to “Choose to be happy” !


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