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Store13 x White Rabbit food truck: Car Meet

This week Tepi a very good friend of mine and owner of store13 threw a little meet over at his store. He got a hold of the popular & famous White Rabbit food truck and called over the old Tab tuesday car meet crew to come out and kick it! Recently our friend Tatsuya moved here all the way from Japan too study english. So Rick From RHDjapan & myself have been taking him too all the local meets and introducing him to our good friends. It was great seeing everyone at the old car meet spot.

Dope Music, Cool Cars, Awsome food & Good company! Cant ask for more. Great seeing everyone tonight!


Follow the white rabbit! Ahhhh now you get it 😛


There have been many fusion trucks competing out in socal and this is one of the few trucks that gotten very popular and has received a huge buzz! You gotta try it


Choices choices choices… *watering mouth*


Art Enjoying his food

You can hear him saying “NOM NOM NOM”

Tepis Daughter Welcoming Us in, Shes so cute.

Tatsuya Very Excited to visit store13 again. He visited them on his last trip and was happy to see everyone again.

Tepi & His Kidos

DJ Abloooooon providing the jams

Now outside in the lot, This genesis was pretty interesting had a Sharpie make over

Talked to the owner he did all the markings himself

Rick of RHD Japan

Tatsuya meeting and chatting about cars

Celines Smart car! If you ever see this car in person take a look at the custom 3 lug work meisters! super krazy

Tacoma Sitting on some fresh VSXX

Ron Of course coming out to rep

Tatsuya Stickers!!

Follow the white rabbitttt

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  1. 05/02/2011 at 3:38 am

    We had great time!!
    Thanks Yogi, Rick, Everyone!!

    haha, This sticker made by my friend MASAKI!!
    I hope you like it…

  2. 07/02/2011 at 2:00 pm

    Event was dope. I need some of those stickers!!! Can’t wait to check out the new store.