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If you’ve been following Hellaflush for awhile you’ve probably seen James Church’s gangster GS 400 a few times before. Founder of VIPDOUT, James has been steadily holding it down in the VIP scene since day one. Congrats on taking home 3rd in best GS at Wekfest III this past weekend! Kartier killa!

* KH3 Super Black Paint job
* Full Final Konexxion fit and new HELLA fogs
* New Shaved Rear wing
* 4 City PIAA Hype white city lights
* 4300k Aristo Hids and housings
* OEM Color Fogs
* Junction Produce fenders
* Junction Produce Fancy pinstripe
* Junction Produce Tail lights
* Junction Produce Inner tails painted
* Authentic Toyota Aristo Window Visors
* Chrome Trimming on Bumpers
* Kazz Grill

* Painted Gold Calipers
* Painted Black Hubs
* 19 inch Kartier Forged Carerra
* 19×9 -25 4 inch chrome lip
* 19×11 -11 6 inch chrome lip
* Shaved and Pulled rear fenders
* Custom Air bags system .. UAS bags with kyb-gr2 shocks
* Jdm Black powered coated Lugs/locks
* Chrome Truck Bar
* 2.25 inch piping ,deleted resonators, custom X pipe x2 5zigen Mega exhaust
* 2 Az Compressors ob1/ob2
* Blitz Valves x8
* .5 inch lines
* 2 7 Gallon Alum. tanks (polished)
* Velvet interior for trunk
* 14 Led lights for show display
* Rear panel piece painted Gloss black
* 200 psi switches upgraded solenoids too

For the complete build list go to VIPDOUT.

Photos by Dale Tu exclusively for Fatlace.

15 Responses to VIPDOUT GS

  1. Toepfer

    ma gusta

  2. Pingback: VIPDOUT GS400 // Fatlace | VipdOut

  3. Gator^

    Where is iterior pics?

  4. glifix

    nice….this is more of a stretch and poke offset…Luv it

  5. Whitebwoy213

    Badass car but I wish the stickers were on the windows instead of the car. Looks perfect otherwise.

  6. Jake

    Photos are too sharpened. The reflections in the water are too distracting. It’s taking away the focus from the car. I think a better location could’ve solved this. There’s things on the car that could’ve been photoshopped out like from this image: vipdout-gs-4.jpg

    re: vipdout-gs-6-.jpg
    This could’ve been the best shot of the series, but just needs the right cropping. This would be super tight too if the shot was taken from the floor.

    Otherwise, nice car!!

  7. Mulcracky

    I think the photography is great! love photos of cars in the wet! I do agree the car would look much cleaner sans stickers but I get how he is reppin’ his crew.

  8. Josh

    Ummm yup… flawless!

  9. Justin

    the offsets and widths are killer.

  10. Thank you guys for the feature and comments ! It has come a ways ;)

  11. Proof fatlace and hellafrush will post/publish any fucking piece of shit with 4k worth of wheels on it…Body lines to line up, paint is shit(why the car was shot wet i assume) the tint job is half assed, and the decal work is beyond words bad, and mercedes grill on a god damn Lexus….this car is a ricers disaster…

    • Fatlace

      Do we smell a tingent of haterizm?

    • Supastar

      By saying Hellafrush, is that supposed to be a diss towards Fatlace? Then why do you even visit this site if it bothers you so much? This car has been through more than you’ll ever know. With such an extensive build list, you call out bad paint, tint, decals and a Mercedes grill? This site is about wheel fitment, everything you called out is irrelevant.

      Your arguement holds no water. Do everyone who reads this a favor and return to the cave you dwell in. Thanks.

  12. Hahaha Thanks for being added on my list of haters.

  13. James,

    Just want to say feature is looking sick and def props on the car bro. Hope to see you in more features coming up.

    Kam Vaswani.


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