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Fairlady Z & Contributors

I’ve been busy working on the site updates that I’ve lacked in posting but we’re ramping up and will bring you the best from around the world thru the eyes of our contributors and friends. At the same time, we’re looking for a few photographers to contribute to the site. International as well as stateside. Please send in links of YOUR work to slammedsociety@gmail dotcom. In the subject line please put Photographer/Blogger. If you don’t put it in the subject line, your email will be disregarded.

Anyways, I’ve been looking at 370Z’s alot lately. There are so many great examples from top builders like Phoenix’s Power, Powerhouse Amuse, and Sunline Racing but what’s great to see is how those executions lead to inspiration for personal builds.

Davi from Jakarta, Indonesia hits us with this very clean 370Z execution. Nismo Add ons, Volk Racing Lugs and CE28′s is a great start for this build and as many of you know it can get out of hand. Photos by Ilham Nuriadi also from Jakarta.

21 Responses to Fairlady Z & Contributors

  1. Neal

    This is AWESOME!! Sexy wheels!

  2. JB

    It looks really nice. Long live the Z

  3. Wong

    I see this car almost everytime i go to ramen 38 or Bakmi Kenanga in Pondok Indah!…
    Mobilnya keren mas!

  4. Tony

    ohhh shizz i pass by this everytime i go to eat

  5. Bryan

    this one is bananas, like the color combos. good job

  6. Devara Aryasta

    woow! i know this car! i saw this car at Riverside kp.Melayu, Mamat’s.

  7. gnzRR

    Best 370z i’ve seen so far… Some rolling shots would be nice

  8. Alex

    Looks sick. Any shots of interior?

  9. sunrise sunset lover


  10. Adam Wangan Meet Crew

    this is just epic :D
    You can never go wrong with volks on nissans ;)
    Simplicity is the shit!

  11. Wow pretty famous z or jakarta Is just really small. Either waay I love it!

  12. Marcos D

    dammm bro it looks hella beautiful

  13. Cliff

    Haha all the indonesians posting! reppp

  14. maurice burke


  15. estilomania

    there are a lot from the tuning scene in Indonesia (esp. in Jakarta) you’ve got to see.

  16. Kyle

    gorgeous gorgeous car! <3

  17. ridha

    bukan meong!!! lol


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