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Hawaii trip

Just got back from Hawaii. Felt like a vacation this time, not much planned except for hitting up some good places to eat with the fam.

Driving up to Kailua for breakfast at Boots & Kimo’s

If you haven’t tried the Macadamia Nut Pancakes yet, you should.

On the way up to the North Shore we ran into the infamous Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck. I heard there are better trucks out there, but until someone tells me which one… I’m sticking to this place!

Is that a Fatlace sticker on there?

I couldn’t resist… had a marker w/ me.. next time a drippy mop would be nice.

Lil man getting into some trouble at the Dole Plantation. We stopped there for the pineapple ice cream. Bomb.

And he’s off! Aiden had a blast running around. I was chasing him around for about an hour. Funny… an old guy watching me run after Aiden said “that kid will keep you skinny!”

stay tuned for more

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